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AVSN: 10 Deaths linked to flu vaccine (interview)


The Australian Vaccination-Skeptics Network is the subject of a current health warning issued by the NSW Health Care Complaints Commission. The warning, in part, states:

"The Commission considers that AVN's dissemination of misleading, misrepresented and incorrect information about vaccination engenders fear and alarm and is likely to detrimentally affect the clinical management or care of its readers."

"Given the issues identified with the information disseminated by AVN, the Commission urges general caution is exercised when using AVN's website or Facebook page to research vaccination and to consult other reliable sources, including speaking to a medical practitioner, to make an informed decision."

For accurate information about vaccination, please visit the Immunise Australia Program website and I highly recommend reading Immunisation Myths and Realities: responding to arguments against immunisation.

Interview transcript.

Host: Leon Pittard, Fairdinkum Radio.
Guest: Meryl Dorey, Australian Vaccination-Skeptics Network.
Date: 22 August 2012

Leon: Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to fairdinkumradio.com. My name is Leon Pittard and I am your host. We are here in defence of individuality, freedom and truth. First, a warning. The following podcast is not intended to be professional medical advice. If you are not willing to look outside the square, please stop now. The following podcast is the opinions of the contributors and the host respectively and it is not intended to be professional or medical advice in any way, today as we discuss the latest in vaccination news.

I'm joined by Meryl Dorey of the Australian Vaccination Network who is an active ambassador in information flow regarding vaccinations and information that indeed the corporate-sponsored TGA and corporate-sponsored government and doctor organisations are reticent to bring out into the public arena.

Meryl, welcome along to Fair Dinkum Radio.

Meryl: Thank you, Leon, great to be here.

Leon: Now we haven't caught up for awhile, Meryl, but since we last spoke I notice in The Australian on the 2nd of August 2012, an article by Natasha Bita, ten deaths have been linked to the nation's flu immunisation program since the 2009 swine flu pandemic, including elderly patients and unborn babies. The CSL flu vaccine, Panvax, which taxpayers spent 131 million dollars stockpiling for the 2009 swine flu outbreak, triggered 1716 adverse event reports including seven deaths. They included a stillborn in October 2009 and another foetal death in April 2010 after maternal exposure to Panvax. Altogether there were 2136 reports of adverse effects. The Therapeutic Goods Administration database of adverse effects was made public that week and it listed the death of a grandmother who caught the flu after vaccination last year. And the article goes on. Eleven cases reported of the rare Guillain-Barré syndrome and the article goes on, Meryl, and this is only what was reported. What's your take on the release of these TGA figures?

Meryl: Well it's interesting because as soon as the TGA released the database and allowed people to access this information which had been withheld - actively withheld - for many years, the first thing that the AMA came out and said, and the mainstream medical community came out and said, is that just because something is reported does not mean it's caused by the vaccination. So even though 2100 people reported serious reactions following the flu vaccine it doesn't mean that the flu vaccine caused it. And it's true that correlation does not necessarily equal causation. But there is no follow up, there is nobody going out there and saying, "ok, let's take a look at what's been reported. We've had x number of cases of paralysis reporting after the flu vaccine. We've had x number of hospitalisations, we've had x number of deaths. Let's try and find out if the vaccine actually caused it" because we're spending a 130 million dollars on this one vaccine of which a 100 million dollars was thrown away because it went out of date; and I don't think that that was reported in the newspaper. But a 100 million dollars worth of that CSL vaccine has been disposed of, and it had to be disposed of as toxic waste because it contains high levels of mercury. They couldn't just flush it away or throw it into a landfill. We're not looking at what these reports actually mean and, as you intimated there, only about 1% of the reactions that occur are ever reported. So we can add a couple of zeros at the end of that 2100 and come to a much more accurate figure of the number of reactions that would have occurred following the administration of this vaccine.

There is no duty of care by the government or by the Therapeutic Goods Administration when it comes to ensuring that vaccines are safe and effective. And why should the TGA be involved with making sure they're safe and effective. They get no funding to test vaccines, they get no funding to track vaccine reactions or to track vaccine effectiveness, because all of their funding comes from the companies whose products they are meant to register. If they didn't have licensing fees they'd have to stop operating. So they don't owe their allegiance to the people of Australia, even though that is their supposed purpose is to protect the health and livelihood of people of Australia. They owe the companies who they're supposed to oversee and that's a shocking situation. And there is no Australian government organisation that is independent of pharmaceutical interests when it comes to health issues.

Leon: Now, even in this report there was ten reported deaths linked to the Panvax jab and the next day after this was released I did hear a lady ring one of the conservative talkback lines and shared her story. And she was advised by her doctor in her third trimester to get a flu vaccination at that time, and the baby died, basically, the next day. And this lady told her story and she was crying and saying this was wrong, how can this happen? And the host actually said to her, "well, how do you know that the vaccination killed the baby?" And like, I just could not believe, I mean, people go and get a vaccination, they get a reaction, and it's like society says, well how do you know this what caused it? When there was no health problem before the vaccination and straight after vaccination there is a reaction and sometimes death. And one of the apologists from one of the doctors' associations come on and he was pathetic. He was making me sick listening to him as was explaining how, well, really it is unfortunate that the TGA released this information and it's almost like society, well, it's really better if the people don't know because these reports are often exaggerated.

Meryl: Well, who is it better for? It's better for the pharmaceutical companies, it's better for the medical industry, but it's not better for the healthcare consumer. The healthcare consumers have a right to this information and the government has an obligation to provide it. And the fact that they don't, makes them complicit with pharmaceutical interests who are making money out of vaccinating and do not want to admit that their products can cause these problems. I mean, what company that is making a profit readily admits that one of their products is causing death and disability? They won't readily admit it. It's the role of the government to ensure that before any drug or vaccine is released onto the market, it has been thoroughly tested for both safety and effectiveness. And the Australian government, like all other governments, does not take that responsibility seriously. We don't test any drugs or vaccines and they are released to market for what is called post-marketing surveillance, whereby doctors are requested to report anything unusual that occurs following the administration of the drug or the vaccine.
But we know that only about 1% of these reactions are reported, and even when they're reported, as you say, there is instant denial that the vaccine can cause anything. One of the best examples of this is the case in Brisbane of the little twins - I only know the name of one of them, the one that died after, Jade Epapara. This entire family got that same vaccine, the CSL flu vaccine, and all of them became ill. Overnight, these identical twins, one of them died and the other one was hospitalised. And it took the coroner six months to bring out a report to say that they could not prove that the vaccine caused this child's death. Now the child died 12 hours after the vaccination and her sister was hospitalised as well. And the entire family was made ill. Blind Freddy could see that the vaccine was the cause, but our medical authorities in their incredible wisdom - or perhaps incredible blindness - have decided that they can't say that the vaccine absolutely caused the death and therefore this death is not related to the vaccination.

And this is the way it always is; there is denialism when it comes to vaccine injuries and, you know, we deserve better, especially when the government spent 600 million dollars that year on vaccination and not one cent on studying vaccine safety or effectiveness.

Leon: Well, the intimation by the doctor that was speaking on the radio - and indeed, authorities in general - is that the community shouldn't be really worried about these things and the community should not speak about them. And we live in a time when speaking about anything that is connected with a corporate agenda - a corporate commercial agenda - runs the risk because people are threatened by possible intimidation or threats by either the corporations or, indeed, authorities like the TGA, or the FDA in America, that are sponsored by these huge mega-companies. And as individuals here, we are at the bottom saying, no, we want to speak about these reactions, we want to speak about what the side-effects are, in fact on every... from what I can see some of them, 203 possible adverse reactions on the Sanofi's Vaxigrip; Abbott Australia's Influvac, 177 possible side-effects. No doctor ever reveals how many side-effects are possible by taking these vaccinations. And here we as individuals are wanting to talk about it. We want the free flow of information so that people can have a choice about what is going in their body.

Meryl: Yes, and those reactions, the number of reactions you're talking about, come from what's called the manufacturer's package insert, which is the data that the drug companies - which remember are the only organisations that have ever tested these vaccines - they have put that information into their inserts that comes in the box with the vial of the vaccine. Most doctors have never read the package insert, so it's not a matter of they're... they know this information and suppressing it, they don't have a clue. Most doctors have no idea what the ingredients of vaccines are and what side-effects vaccines can cause. And, in fact, when doctors are learning about vaccination in medical school, they only study this for a few hours. And yet we are told that doctors are the experts and we should go to them for advice and information. Yet doctors in general - now this is a generalisation because many doctors have taken the time to look into this a bit further - but unless they have, just getting out of medical school does not give a doctor any specific expertise because they know less when it comes to vaccination than the average parent who would have read a book or a few articles about this subject. And that's a shocking situation because, again, they're the ones who are supposed to be the experts, they are the ones who are supposed to be able to advise us.

And speaking of advising us, on our website - and this is going off on a tangent a little but it does speak to this issue of how informed doctors are - in Australia, in order to get two payments from the government, the ... sorry, I've totally forgotten it... it's the Tax Benefit Part A supplement which is about $2100 over three years, and the childcare allowance which is the money the government gives you for having a child in childcare. In order to get those two payments you need to register as a conscientious objector, and that means getting a doctor or clinic sister to sign the form to say that they have advised you on the benefits and risks of vaccination. The AVN has put up on their website advice from a medical legal expert to say that doctors are required by law to sign this form. And after we put that out, the Australian Medical Association made a statement to say that doctors are not required to sign the form if they feel that they are not competent to inform parents of the benefits and risks of vaccination. And many doctors are refusing to sign these forms and if this is the case. it's an open admission that doctors really do not know what they're talking about when it comes to vaccination. Because if they feel that they're not competent to advise parents on the benefits and risks of vaccination, then they are not competent to administer them.

Leon: I'll be talking with John Rappoport later about the history and the rise of the pharmaceutical industry and how today they have a plan for us from cradle to grave. And this is the program of Big Pharma, and private corporate monopoly worldwide is to put every human being within a program. And if you dare to speak, or question, about the program that they have prepared for you, you become an enemy of the state, so to speak, because that's why you are being targeted in your work because you are willing to question and ask the questions that the corporate mainstream media that is, to a large extent, sponsored by these same bodies, are unable to ask these correct questions, you know, the pertinent questions.

But Meryl, you have been doing some work on whooping cough. Tell us what you've been finding.

Meryl: Well, I'm sure most of your listeners would know that Australia is now entering its sixth year of record breaking whooping cough epidemic. Now we have more cases of whooping cough, or at least as many cases of whooping cough, per capita as we had before the vaccine was introduced in 1953. And despite that we have a vaccination rate amongst children of 95% and a low vaccination rate among adults. But, there was no adult vaccine for whooping cough before 2005, so that can sort of be wiped out of the situation because the vaccination of adults should have no bearing on the fact that we have this epidemic. And the unvaccinated - the small number of unvaccinated people in the community - are being blamed as causing the whooping cough epidemic in the 95% of vaccinated kids. But there's been a lot of information has come out lately and one of the most recent articles I've read is talking about the fact that the whooping cough vaccine itself that we're using, which is called the acellular pertussis vaccine - pertussis is the bacteria that causes whooping cough - could be leading or causing or increasing the risk in people who are vaccinated of getting whooping cough because there is another bacteria that causes symptoms exactly the same as whooping cough, which is called parapertussis. And this study shows that if people are vaccinated against pertussis are given the whooping cough vaccine their risk of getting parapertussis increases forty times. And we are seeing that about 84% of the cases of whooping cough in Australia are being caused by bacteria other than pertussis, and parapertussis makes up a large percentage of that increase.

So, not only is the vaccine not preventing infection with pertussis because many of the people who get whooping cough are fully vaccinated against it, but it's greatly increasing your risk of getting this other bacteria which causes symptoms that are indistinguishable from whooping cough. Even though it's caused by a different bacteria, it's still called whooping cough. And it feels exactly the same, it reacts exactly the same and it has the same risks as whooping cough. So the vaccination is a complete failure, and yet the government is blaming the unvaccinated for this situation. And I don't know if you saw, there was a headline about three weeks ago saying that we had a huge increase in the rate of conscientious objection in Australia over the last 13 years, and again, conscientious objectors have said that they don't want to vaccinate and they've signed a form with their doctor to say that they won't vaccinate so as to get these payments. And it said there's been this huge increase which is going to lead to epidemics, and the increase in the number of people who registered as conscientious objectors 13 years ago was about 0.23% of Australians. Now, over 13 years we've had this enormous increase which is going to cause epidemics throughout the country, and that increase was from 0.23% up to 1.44%. And if the people who are vaccinated have to worry about 1.44% of the population refusing to vaccinate, then it doesn't say much for their confidence in the effectiveness of vaccination.

Leon: That figure of 1.4% would that be... how does that work out? Is that really... like is there 1.4% of Australians unvaccinated or is that based on a different...?

Meryl: No, that's based on people who have signed the conscientious objection form. The conscientious objector gets lodged with the Health Insurance Commission in Tasmania and this gets added to the official statistics. So, officially 1.44% of the families in Australia, or 1.44% of the children in Australia, are now registered as conscientious objectors. The number of people who choose not to vaccinate is far higher than that. But they are not registering, a) they are finding it very difficult to get doctors to sign the forms, and we've talked about this before, we have a buddy system set up for people who are having this trouble because we think that if people don't vaccinate they should be getting all the money from the government that they're entitled to; they shouldn't be losing out simply because they've made an informed choice about vaccination. But then there are also many families who didn't vaccinate before this conscientious objection scheme was instituted and these families are continuing not to vaccinate, so they're not counted. The statistic is very shonky, but even so, the fact that the media will report that we've gone from 0.23 to 1.44% then that's a big problem for Australia, means that a) the media is either not thinking, or b) they are just reporting what they've been told to report without any question, and a combination of two is very possible.

Leon: Well, speaking about a plan from cradle to grave, there is a push for new vaccinations against obesity that allow obese patients to eat as much junk food as they like and still lose weight. And it is reported that they are in development at this stage, reported in the Journal of Animal Science and Biotechnology. And one shot worked by tricking the immune system into creating antibodies against the hormone ghrelin which is produced in the gut and increases appetite. And the other works in a similar way creating antibodies against a hormone called somatostatin. This hormone is created by the brain and digestive system and causes a metabolism to slow by interacting with other hormones. By creating antibodies against this hormone the metabolism speeds up, allowing the patient to eat more calories and still lose weight. It was reported that levels of other hormones remain unchanged for both treatments.

Meryl, here is a perfect example of biotech - corporate-sponsored biotech - proposing new vaccines in order to engineer society. When the real issue of eating proper food or, indeed, cutting down on food, the causation of obesity - and this goes back to every disease that they want to vaccinate against or every situation they want to develop a vaccination for - the cause is never addressed.

Meryl: That's right, because if we address the cause and we actually teach people how to be healthy, pharmaceutical companies will go out of business. And doctors will find that their patient load will be eased to the point where they're run out of business. If we did in Australia what they did in China before the cultural revolution, where we paid doctors a weekly stipend to keep us healthy and stopped paying them when we got sick, I think we would see a huge emphasis on health in Australia. Right now, the emphasis is on sickness, and these vaccines, there are over 250 new vaccines in development right now and the experience is that as soon as a vaccine is produced it's automatically added to the schedule. The number of vaccines that are being studied and looked at and the things that they're targeting, there is a vaccine against cigarette smoking, a vaccine against cocaine addiction, there's so many new vaccines. These are vaccines against lifestyle choices and the vaccine will not work. Basically, it will not work because if you keep eating things that are bad for you then you will not be healthy and you will be obese. So, it's very basic, we have to go back to looking at how people eat and what they do in their life. Do they exercise, do they eat organic foods, do they try and limit the amount of fried foods that they have. All of these things are what will determine whether or not a person is obese, unless there's a medical issue involved there as well, which is possible.

But you know, the fact that we can vaccinate everyone and say, go ahead and eat all the junk you want, it's not going to affect you, well, it will affect you because junk food becomes junk person. And we can't get away from the fact that what we eat determines our health status. Let food by thy medicine and medicine thy food. It's very true. And I see this in so many families that I meet when I'm out on the road or when I'm speaking with people on the phone, they feel that because they vaccinated their children, they don't have to worry about anything else. They don't have to take care of their diet, they don't have to worry about exercise, they don't have to worry about anything. And it's living in a fool's paradise really, because you do have to worry about those things. Health does not come from a needle. Health comes from a whole range of choices that we make every day. And it's really sad that parents have been so brainwashed into believing that all they have to do is vaccinate and their kids will be healthy. And then when they find their children have allergies and asthma and excema and diabetes and all these other things that have been linked with vaccination, they don't understand why that's the case.

Leon: We're living in a totally engineered propaganda society, where society is being steered into a situation where every day they're bombarded by hundreds of different advertisements which are corporate advertisements aimed at steering people into a certain lifestyle which includes eating junk food, I might add. And instead of dealing with the fact that the doctors' oath goes back to let your food be your medicine and your medicine your food, there is a reliance being taught, and a reliance being engineered, so that people become reliant on drug therapy but maintain a lifestyle which is damaging to their health and their longevity, etc. And yet we see that Big Pharma is sponsoring this lifestyle where do what you want, eat what you want... we've got a Gardasil vaccination - you can have sex with as many people as you want, we'll give you a vax to fix it; eat as much as you want, we've got a vax to fix it. As you said, we've got a vax for everything in life. And yet, what is missing, is it the individual understanding of what the basics of true health is; good nutrition, water, fresh air, sunlight. Oh no, we can't go in the sun anymore, we'll give you a cream so the sun doesn't touch you. Everything in life is under assault for good health and we see that Big Pharma is playing a big role in this social engineering of society.

Meryl: Yes. People have become, I guess, used to the idea of the silver bullet. There's a silver bullet for every disease, every ill, and because they're so brainwashed, they don't turn off their tv's; they believe what they see on the news, they believe what they read in the newspapers, they believe all those shows that are sponsored by drug companies. Because of that, they don't question why if there is a silver bullet - and they've been giving themselves and their kids these silver bullets - why are we so sick? Why are we sicker than we've ever been? Why is one child in six now developmentally delayed, why is one child in 88 now autistic? Why is 1 in 4 asthmatic, you know? Why do we have all these diseases that didn't use to exist that are now epidemic, like diabetes. Nobody's asking these questions; they just think bad luck. But if they were actually able to compare the children of families that don't vaccinate and don't use mainstream medical drugs unless they're absolutely necessary and called for, and they looked at how few antibiotics these people are using, how healthy their families are, I think they would start to question.

There is a doctor in the United States - you're probably aware of Mayer Eisenstein, he's in Chicago - and he has a practice that has seen 35,000 children over the time of the practice, and there is not one child with autism in that practice. The government knows that, the HMO's - the health maintenance organisations - know that, and yet nobody is going in to say, "what are you doing right that one child in 88 in other paediatric practices are autistic and you don't have any autism at all." And that's not to say that there are no autistic children, he said there are a couple of kids who were adopted out from other communities and they were autistic when they were adopted. But other than that, none of his children are autistic and he does not vaccinate and he does not write scripts for antibiotics unless they're called for. And he was trained by the one of the greatest paediatricians of the 20th century, Robert Mendelsohn, who also did not vaccinate and did not administer antibiotics unless they were absolutely called for. These are the practices that we should be looking at and these are the people that we should be comparing with those who are raised by the mainstream and treated by mainstream doctors because if the mainstream doctors are leading to this huge epidemic of these chronic diseases, then we need to know about it. But we're just told don't talk about it, none of this exists, none of it is working, it's all fake. And it's not true; that's not the experience of so many people.

Leon: Society is being led into this paradigm where being sick is normal. And it's like this acceptance that everyone has to have this condition. Only yesterday I heard 20% of the population, can you believe 1 in 5, does have - listen to this - a mental disorder [Meryl laughs]. This to me is total propaganda. It is the conditioning of society that if you feel bad, well you must have some sort of condition. And, of course, there will be an advertisement "go and see your doctor. This is sponsored by Pfizer Australia". You know, like, this is the society we live in and that won't be reported in the Sydney Morning Herald, what you just talked about, which leads me on in closing, Meryl, tell us about some of your meetings that you've been holding and what sort of coverage have you been getting.

Meryl: Well, I just did a seminar tour of nine cities in rural New South Wales, starting in Inverell and then going all the way down south to Goulburn and coming straight back up. And they were wonderful meetings but they were not well-attended, we didn't have a huge number of people there. And I remember the days before the organisation that was set up to stop us where we would have 250-500 people at any event that we had. Now, these were in very rural areas, many of the people who came drove two hours to get there and two hours to get back. They were very dedicated people. But none of the local media would report the community announcements. Now, we're a charity so community announcements are supposed to be sent to the papers, the radio stations, the television stations, and they put some announcements in. Everybody's heard of them and seen them. But they refused to run our community announcements. And that's because the information about vaccination is being suppressed. There is only one side of the vaccination issue that's allowed to be covered and that one side is the only one that the media will actually expose.

There were... like, one of our members in Bathurst actually visited her local member of parliament and the radio stations and the tv stations and the newspaper and they got a very large article in the paper and one of the radio stations contacted me, only because she went out there off her own bat and did all of this work. And I really thank her for that. But without that sort of information coming out through the media, people weren't even aware the talks were going on. And we also were told by people who came that they thought twice about coming because they were afraid of violence from this organisation, Stop the AVN, because they were afraid these people were going to show up and cause problems.

Leon: Well, this is their tactics, it's mafia tactics, it's standover intimidation and we will not be intimidated. Meryl, thank you for your work. We will continue to speak about these things, we will continue to look at the data as it becomes available. And we will continue to analyse the social agenda that we as individuals can see unfolding before our eyes. Meryl, thanks for your time, we appreciate it.

Meryl: Thank you, Leon, for your courage and for your dedication to health. I really appreciate that.

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