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The Doxxing of Peter Tiernan - the Doxxers

This section focuses on the people responsible for the doxxing and the major participants. For an overview of the doxxing incident, please refer to post The Doxxing of Peter Tiernan - an Overview.

It is important to note that only three individuals have claimed responsiblity for the doxxing: Brett Smith, Belgin Sila Colak/Arslan, and Breana Stanley. All other people mentioned here were either major participants in the doxxing or else participated in any capacity but held prominent positions in the anti-vaccination movement.

Ed note: some of the more incriminating evidence has been withheld from this post due to the ongoing criminal investigation and civil litigation.

The Doxxing Crew

Brett Smith - AVN Public Officer

Brett Smith is a Sydney-based naturopath and owner of Just Organics (Bondi Junction, NSW). He was the original Registered Officer (AEC) of the Health Australia Party and is the current Public Officer of the Australian Vaccination-skeptics Network (AVN).

Brett Smith was the major perpetrator in the doxxing of Peter Tiernan. A normal person would consider his acts of writing, publishing, and disseminating the doxxing material to be abhorrent enough. But Smith hadn't stopped there.

Prior to the public doxxing, Smith had made pathetic attempts to identify Reasonable Hank. On the 18th and 19th October 2016, Reasonable Hank had contacted Holdsworth House Medical Practice in relation to one of its staff members and he'd left his phone number for a senior staff member to contact him. His subsequent blog post about the anti-vaccination activities of this staff member was published on 20 October.

Brett Smith impersonating a Holdsworth House doctor.
Shortly after the blog post was published, Hank received a phone call from Dr Andrew Gowrie, who identified himself as a representative of Holdsworth House Medical Practice calling on behalf of the Managing Director, Dr Dick Quan.

On 21 October, Hank received a phone message from the same number by a person identifying themselves as Andrew Gowrie (refer image at left).

Again staying true to form with the standards we expect from anti-vaccination conspiracists, Smith was impersonating a doctor from this medical practice as evidenced by Smith using a phone number he had previously publicly advertised as his own.

Smith only became publicly involved in the anti-vaccination movement in 2015. He's a member of the AVN and was appointed Public Officer of the AVN effective 3 February 2017. It's highly likely that he was an AVN committee member prior to this.

Brett Smith (2nd from left) as a member of the AVN contingent (Sept 2015)

In September 2015, representatives of the AVN went to Brisbane QLD to attend the public hearing - Inquiry Into the Public Health (Childcare Vaccination) and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2015.

Pictured (from L-R): Meryl Dorey (past President), Brett Smith, Tasha David (President), Greg Beattie (Immediate Past President).

The AVN is the official licensee in Australia for Wakefield's anti-vaccination movie, Vaxxed, and is responsible for all Australian screenings. The format of the Australian screenings so far has included a Q&A session after the screening, featuring a number of guest panellists. In the first few screenings, Brett Smith was one of the featured guests.

3 November 2016

Brett Smith lowers the bar of anti-vaccination movement standards, publishing Reasonable Hank Exposed, part one of his doxxing series about Reasonable Hank.

Public Health Lobbying 101, antivax thug style
Most health professionals with something to say about public health measures might be tempted to write a scientific paper for peer review, or make a submission to government.

Other people might devote their time to alerting the public of dangers to public health.

But, if you you happen to be an unprofessional, conspiracy-laden naturopath, embarking on a doxxing campaign of intimidation and harassment might seem an easier option.

Science and political lobbying can be hard, difficult work. Best left to the adults.

Thug-mode engaged; threatening two more dox articles.

4 November 2016

Brett Smith and Belgin Colak/Arslan telling Hank it's his fault if (non-Hank) Tiernan is being targeted.

Smith/Colak: we will sacrifice our freedomz just to see your face…
''REASONABLE HANK: If you PROVE us wrong that you're NOT Peter Tiernan, me and Brett Smith are making an official announcement that we are going to vaccinate our children and retire from this movement. By all means start a defamation case if you're reading this (to which you probably are) and if you're really concerned about this protecting this family [wink] then you would man up. P.S Let Jane Hansen know that me and Belgin are available for photos for her story… Signed Brett and Belgin''

5 November 2016

Numerous media articles about the doxxing are published between the 5th and 8th of November. Publishers included Fairfax, News Ltd and the ABC.
Every article highlights the distress caused to Tiernan and his family, the harassment and intimidation they have been subjected to, and that the doxxers had identified the wrong person.

8 November 2016

In for a penny, in for a pound. Let's add illegal phone recordings to the list.
As is clearly evidenced by the media articles, Brett Smith has doxxed the wrong person and the Tiernan family are greatly distressed.

Brett Smith continues with the harassment and intimidation by threatening to publish even more doxxing articles and to release illegally obtained telephone recordings.

9 November 2016

Brett Smith (as Lucas Jackson Kelly) provided a new definition of hypocrisy in a ranting Facebook post instructing people to cease with negative, bad behaviour. Excerpts follow:

"What I will say though is that we all need to pull our heads in now. No attacking each other online or in the bloody real world. It's sad and counter productive. Makes all just wanna throw in the towel."

"To be frank, I'm tired of all the bickering and squabbling. It's just embarrassing to be part of. More so when it online for the world to see. Let's stop."

10 November 2016

Brett Smith makes good on his threat, publishing Jane Hansen, Reasonable Hank, and Murdoch's dirty vaccine war, part two of his doxxing series about Reasonable Hank.

Let's add extortion to the list
''Your call Hank? How many more 'innocent' people are going to get fingered so you can keep up your cowardly charade?''

It's all Hank's fault that Brett Smith and the anti-vaccination movement will be forced to dox everyone until he shows his face.

Here, watch me suspend this kitten over an open flame until everyone reading this post sends me $20. Your fault if the kitten ignites.

13 November 2016

Brett Smith on Twitter, calling Tiernan a coward and accusing him of criminal behaviour.

Someone has anger issues.
Brett Smith [quote]:

''Stop being a coward Tiernan. Embrace your inner stalking/doxing troll. Man up chicken shit.''

''Now exposed he will be held accountable for his criminal online behaviour. Suck it up Tiernan.''

''Tiernan is Hank. I got the right bloke. Just too scared to embrace his inner online stalker. Coward. Like you.''

6 December 2016

The Australian premiere of Vaxxed in Logan, QLD. Incredibly, the AVN used this Vaxxed screening to take another swipe at Reasonable Hank.

Olivier Vles (L) and Brett Smith (R) proudly representing Vaxxed and AVN
Olivier Vles from Truth Library and Brett Smith showing the typical anti-vaccination level of maturity and professionalism.

The tweet, sent by Vles and retweeted by Smith, reads

''Hi Hankie Pank and friends from #stopavn. Just a message from the Smith Brothers at the #Vaxxed premier. @pHarmaNemesis.''

Brett Smith was at the Vaxxed premiere serving in an official capacity for AVN.

8 December 2016

Brett Smith threatens to publish a third doxxing article that will include all of Tiernan's immediate family members.

Thug-mode fully activated
Brett Smith [quote]:

''You sure you want Blog 3? You better ask Tiernan, it links all his immediate family members.''

Brett Smith's campaign of harassment and intimidation has yet to find a boundary.

10 December 2016

The AVN, clearly having no problems with Brett Smith's campaign of intimidation and harassment against an innocent traumatised family, again invite Smith as a special guest panellist for the Melbourne screening of Vaxxed.

The Dox Crew (L-R): Brett Smith, Olivier Vles, Trent Wiseman, Luke O'Hehir.
The Melbourne screening of Vaxxed was held in a room at Vitality Chiropractic, owned by chiropractors Simon Floreani and Jennifer Barham-Floreani.

This was yet another opportunity for the dox crew and AVN to show off their professionalism. Image at left shows Brett Smith, Olivier Vles (Truth Library), Trent Wiseman (AVN committee member) and Luke O'Hehir, in a tweet sent by Vles which reads, ''Another day. More #VaxXed screenings! Greetings from the crew Hank and #stopavn @pHarmaNemesis''.

23 December 2016

Brett Smith still insists that Tiernan is Hank.

Dig up, stupid.
Brett Smith [quote]:

''That's the name he likes the troll under. His real name is Peter Tiernan. Hank exposed.''

You can lead an idiot to facts, but you can't make them…

4 January 2017

And Brett Smith's campaign of intimidation and harassment against Tiernan just keeps going and going.

Coz attacking people using your real name is totally OK
Brett Smith [quote]:

''Tiernan? The cowardly physiotherapist from Byron? Loves anonymously attacking vax injured families and nurses online. Dead shit''

At this stage, the name Tiernan is occupying Smith's every thought.
Brett Smith [quote]:

''Yep… if your child is injured/killed by a vaccine remember the name Peter Tiernan. I will.''

5 January 2017

Brett Smith again makes reference to the illegal phone recordings and with an extra serve of intimidation.

When I grow up I wanna be a P.I.
Brett Smith [quote]:

''Except my audio of 'both' before Tiernan knew voice identification was an issue. That and my visit to Byron.''

20 January 2017

Brett Smith's intimidatory, offensive and defamatory campaign against Tiernan continues, and again threatens to release illegal phone recordings.

The thug gene in action
Brett Smith [quote]:

''Hank the coward still denying he is Tiernan huh? Shall I release the audio Pete?''

''Nup, just one Hank, a miserable cowardly piece of shit physio from Byron. Shameful excuse of a man.''

''Keep denying it Tiernan you gutless twat, that audio will be released and even your troll mates will smirk.''

''You live with your mum in Byron. I've been there. Remember?''

''I'm booked into a good physio next month. Up Byron way… got his name here somewhere…''

29 January 2017

Brett Smith (as Lucas Jackson Kelly) now threatens to extend his campaign of intimidation and harassment by doxxing everyone associated with Reasonable Hank, encouraging others to send him information on Hank to be published, and gloats that he's nearly destroyed him.

Coz decent human beings just love doxxing other human beings

Brett Smith [quote]:

''Anyone associated with or working with Hank will be exposed. Peter Tiernan's behaviour should not be tolerated by any decent human being. Soon the CDC will be in jail. PHarma's cowardly online hit squads should follow. Anyone who has information on Hank they feel needs to be published please contact me. Hank's day is almost done, let's send him out a loser.''

The reason Smith requests more information on Hank becomes clear a few days later.

31 January 2017

Brett Smith announces new doxxing material will be published.

Have blog, will shoot
Brett Smith [quote]:

''Oh and I have new blog about Hank and his pHarma buddies due tomorrow. Til your end Hank.''

3 February 2017

What a day for Brett Smith and the Australian anti-vaccination movement!

Allow me to introduce to you the newly appointed Public Officer of the AVN, Brett Smith.

In true AVN style, continuing its fine tradition of unprofessionalism and harassment, its new Public Officer Brett Smith celebrated by publishing part 3 of his doxxing series on Peter Tiernan.
He was ably assisted by fellow AVN committee members, Trent Wiseman and Meryl Dorey, in spreading this latest instalment of harassment and intimidation.

Wrong (pt1), wrong (pt2), absolutely brimming over with wrongability (pt3)

Brett Smith spreading his campaign of intimidation and harassment against Tiernan on Facebook and Twitter.

Still wrong

Brett Smith [quote]:

''Ahhh look at this turd Tiernan. Still stalking the Hammond family?'' [link: doxxing website] ''Wherever you go.''

4 February 2017

Brett Smith prepares to celebrate the destruction of Peter Tiernan.

Let's toast the new Public Officer of AVN bringing down the enemy!

Brett Smith [quote]:

''Tiernan just spreads lies & bullshit. Reasonable Hank is almost through. We will toast his demise.''

Someone really, really needs to find another hobby
Brett Smith [quote]:

''Whereever this troll goes, I'll be there.'' [link: doxxing website] ''Tiernan is his name.''

5 February 2017

Brett Smith continues to defame, harass and intimidate Tiernan on social media, and threatens to put Tiernan and his associates out of business.

Unlike me, I lurve stalking men
Brett Smith [quote]:
''Yes that's true but he is not comfortable stalking men… he can get very fearful. You should hear him''

…and all of them are still wrong
Brett Smith [quote]:
''Peter Tiernan is Reasonable Hank. Here are a few blogs on this degenerate.'' [link redacted]

Brett Smith [quote]:
''I will put him and his government/media buddies out of business. Count on it.''

Nup. Still wrong
Brett Smith [quote]:
''His name is Peter Tiernan. Check this troll out at [link redacted] Serial stalker of vax damaged fams.''

15 March 2017

Someone tweets Brett Smith the ABC story where Peter Tiernan speaks about being mistakenly identified as Hank.

Brett Smith responds with an (ironic) derp, an insistence Tiernan is Hank, and link to his doxxing website.

Brett Smith [quote]:

''Right person. Cowardly online stalker Reasonable Hank is Peter Tiernan. Derp!''

18 March 2017

Brett Smith engaging in yet more intimidation and harassment against Tiernan on social media.

Brett Smith [quote]:
''Yes Tiernan, you gutless shmuck, stop hiding in your mum's basement, put up or shut up. In your own name.''

Brett Smith [quote]:
''Peter (Hank) Tiernan is a gutless, online, stalker of woman and vaccine damaged families. No show.''

Fair to say it's pathological by now? yeah, I reckon
Brett Smith [quote]:
''Tiernan cowardly stalks/intimidates families online because, a) he is dumb as rock, & b) he loves Pharma.''

28 March 2017

Brett Smith still going at it. The AVO he refers to is in regard to one of the other doxxers. Ongoing civil litigation prevents me from commenting further at this stage.

5'1" mums are harmless, totally
Brett Smith [quote]:

''Reasonable Hank? Is Tiernan still hiding behind that pseudonym? Man up Pete, then you too can take 5'1" mums to court for AVOs.''

Brett Smith's savage, childish attacks on Tiernan have been relentless and are still continuing.
The evidence presented here is in no way complete; it is but a snapshot of his obsessive vendetta.

His campaign of harassment and intimidation against Peter Tiernan boasts many supporters from the Australian anti-vaccination movement, including the AVN, where even its President, Tasha David, has joined in on the 'fun' on multiple occasions.

In closing, here are a few social media posts made by Brett Smith in April 2017 which continue to bear testimony to his lack of professionalism, maturity and decency.

Ahhhh, that's the problem. Head is all ears and not much else.

Brett Smith [quote]:

''You poor simple fool. Even when you get handed Hank on a silver platter you can't work it out. Peter Tiernan is Hank. You know I've had 3 different visits from 3 different police stations asking for that blog to be taken down or I'd be sued or charged. Blog not only still up I added another one. They are still up. No charges, no sued. Why you think I got it wrong? Because Jane Hansen told you so? Because Hank told you so? Tell us all Anna, who is Reasonable Hank? I'm all ears?''

Brett Smith still banging on his silver platter... but nobody is listening.

Brett Smith [quote]:

''If you find it shocking you don't know me. Anne typifies all that is wrong in this movement. You know the idiot that wanders in half way through the movie not knowing what the f..k is going on then starts asking lots of dumb questions? That's Anne. See, Hank was handed to you on a silver platter, but because Murdoch, Tiernan, & a certain troll in our midst all told you it was a big mistake you all ran screaming away in the opposite direction. See some people just can't be helped.''

Yep, some people just can't be helped.

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Belgin Sila Colak/Arslan

Belgin Sila Arslan (aka Belgin Sila Colak) is a mother based in Pendle Hill, NSW. She originated from the Occupy movement's fringe group of chemtrail, flat earth, conspiracy clowns, and was the original organiser of the No Jab, No Pay protest rally in Sydney. She is the founder and administrator of the AVA Facebook page and group.

Belgin Colak/Arslan is another of the main doxxers and, like Smith, employed dubious and intimidating tactics in trying to identify Reasonable Hank. In October 2016, Belgin Colak/Arslan harassed and threatened Tiernan at his workplace, stating that she knew his wife and daughter's name. Belgin Colak/Arslan also made direct contact with Tiernan's 14 year old daughter via social media in an attempt to reach the father.

Belgin Colak/Arslan was instrumental in spreading the dox articles all over social media, and allowed threatening and harassing posts to remain in Facebook groups and pages that she administered. The first post that linked to Smith's doxxing article was made by Belgin in her AVA Facebook pages and she didn't waste time posting links to numerous other Facebook pages she was associated with.

On 12 December 2016 Belgin Colak/Arslan published Tiernan's home address on a public Facebook page and threatened to upload illegal phone recordings made by Colak/Arslan to Hank.

Like Smith, Belgin has never backed down in insisting that Tiernan is Hank. Like Smith, she shifted her campaign of harassment and intimidation up a gear, by publishing posts on multiple Facebook pages stating that Tiernan/Hank is a pedophile.

Ed note: due to the ongoing criminal investigation and civil litigation there is a significant amount of material and background information I am unable to include here at this time.

1 November 2016

Belgin Colak/Arslan (publicly) commences her campaign of intimidation and harassment against Peter Tiernan.

And so it (publicly) begins…
Belgin Colak/Arslan tweeting to Hank, including Brett Smith's announcement that the doxxing will shortly commence.

3 November 2016

Belgin Colak/Arslan commences to spread the efforts of her doxxing labour via social media.

ummm, nope
Belgin Colak/Arslan tweets a link to the doxxing article on her AVA Facebook page.

Who knew, harassing and intimidating people is a team sport
Belgin Colak/Arslan, straight off the bat, threatening to dox other people.

Belgin Colak/Arslan [quote]:

''hellooo? Are you concerned about being exposed too?''

Harassment and intimidation, fun for everyone.

Belgin Sila Colak/Arslan [quote]:

''since you've been gone we've exposed Hank! Time to join the fun''

Next up, Belgin Sila Colak/Arslan announcing the doxxing of Peter Tiernan to her AVA Facebook group, with link to the doxxing article on Smith's website.

The post comments quickly filled up with defamatory comments about Tiernan, including calling him a pedophile, and Colak/Arslan posted many pictures of Tiernan and his family.

Belgin Sila Colak/Arslan's duplicate post on another AVA Facebook page saw her also posting photos and details of Peter Tiernan's sister, parents and wife, and provided details of Tiernan's employment.
Update 9 April: I have been advised that the photo and details of Tiernan's sister was yet another case of mistaken identity; another complete stranger doxxed by these clowns.

'present all the information required for any court process'
This doesn't mean what she thought it meant at the time…

''We give great pleasure in announcing that after several weeks of investigations we have found and located 'Reasonable Hank'. We urge all of our members who have had any defamation or any personal information collected and posted publicly by him to go and take screenshots NOW as he is aware and they are covering their tracks and the page ''things anti-vaxxer say'' has already been removed.''

''We are now in the process of organising a class action against him.''

''We urge all people from Byron Bay to be aware he does work at Ballina Hospital and is unfortunately in the heart of most of us anti-vaxxers, reporting and vilifying us over the last 7 years.''

''Despite trying to keep this under wraps to assist the nurse who have lost their jobs and homes thanks to the skeptics we have had to now reveal that we have finalised our investigations and we can present all the information required for any court process.''

''Here is a picture for all curious about who Reasonable Hank is… living up his life and on holidays each year at our expense…''

Belgin Sila Colak/Arslan [quote]:

''His trolls buddies are so quick to defend him… I mean really? Makes it a little embarrassing… oh Hank we wouldn't be silly''
''Enough to say it unless we had all the proof… maybe we should do afternoon tea interview your place or mine ? Oh that's right I have your address make it yours, I have two sugars in my tea thanks.''

4 November 2016

"Show us your face or the kitten gets it"
''REASONABLE HANK: If you PROVE us wrong that you're NOT Peter Tiernan, me and Brett Smith are making an official announcement that we are going to vaccinate our children and retire from this movement. By all means start a defamation case if you're reading this (to which you probably are) and if you're really concerned about this protecting this family [wink] then you would man up. P.S Let Jane Hansen know that me and Belgin are available for photos for her story… Signed Brett and Belgin''

The pride of the anti-vaccination movement
Belgin Sila Colak/Arslan [quote]:

''we don't expect any less than a standing ovation… *proud* *smiles*''

Belgin Sila Colak/Arslan advises she will provide all the evidence that Peter Tiernan is Reasonable Hank and how they did it, on her AVA Facebook page on Wed night.

It never happened, not least of all because Peter Tiernan is not Hank.

Belgin Sila Colak/Arslan [quote]:

''I will be providing all the evidence on Wednesday night at 9:30pm. Tune in to AVA. Be there or be square''

Belgin Sila Colak/Arslan nearly putting Brett Smith's efforts of intimidation and harassment to shame, stating they have details of Tiernan's whole family.

Hey, Brett, rate my thuggery outta 10!
Belgin Sila Colak/Arslan [quote]:

''oh we have a big fat book of his whole family!''

5 November 2016

Taking a page out of the AVN Rules of Engagement handbook , Belgin Sila Colak/Arslan in a doxxing-related post to her AVA Facebook group, makes this highly offensive comment:

''After further investigating I am not even sure I am convinced baby Riley and Dana McCaffery were even real babies as it seems that everything they have done is staged and fabricated to suit their agenda.''
Colak/Arslan duplicated this post in other groups and on her personal Facebook page.

6 November 2016

On 5 November, media articles appeared about the doxxing incident, highlighting the distress that was being caused to the Tiernan family.

Belgin Sila Colak/Arslan gives her typical response to seeing someone in distress - laughter.

Belgin: ''The only thing funnier than this is believing the world is round!''
Belgin Sila Colak/Arslan [quote]:

''I just finished reading that article I was in tears laughing!! Hahahaha''

7 November 2016

Belgin Sila Colak/Arslan continuing her campaign of intimidation and harassment against Peter Tiernan. In a stunning display of typical anti-vaccination logic, Colak/Arslan threatens to expose her criminal act of illegally recorded phone conversations so that Hank will out himself.

I've made an innocent family's life hell but these memes are going too far!
''I said I was going to give everyone the info tomorrow about how we found Reasonable Hank but since Hank and friends want to put my pictures up and make memes about me I've decided to upload voice recordings between myself and Hank. If he has a problem with it being illegal I suggest he goes to the police and presses charges and we can meet him in person in court.''

''He's threatening action cause he knows he will be sprung after we release the recordings lol.

10 November 2016

Belgin Sila Colak/Arslan posts article (part 2) doxxing Peter Tiernan.

by being wrong… again
Belgin Sila Colak/Arslan [quote]:

''Here it is! The response to Hank and Hansen…''

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Breana Stanley

Breana Stanley (Mernda, VIC) is an admin of the AVA Facebook page and group, and is also a late entrant to the anti-vaccination movement, coming from the no jab conspiracy circus. The third and final member of the main doxxers, Stanley was also instrumental in spreading the doxxing material online and encouraging harassment of the Tiernan family.

And like Colak/Arslan, material has been withheld here due to the ongoing criminal investigation and civil litigation.

3 November 2016

Doxxing day. Breana Stanley busy on social media spreading the harassment and intimidation.

look at me! look at me! amidoinitrite? look at me! look at me!
Breana Stanley, continuing her role in the harassment and intimidation of Peter Tiernan, posting links to the doxxing article (part 1) on Smith's website.

A notable like on Stanley's post is Jane Leonforte, founder of the Church of Conscious Living and former vice-president of VISA.

No surprise at all to see Brett Smith's partner, April Gadd, also enjoying the ride.

6 November 2016

look at me! look at me! I iz doxxer! look at me! look at me!
Breana Stanley's contributions to a post by Meryl Dorey on one of AVN's Facebook pages, providing a link to the doxxing article on Smith's website, and with bonus threat of more doxxing to come.

This was Stanley's response to the first media article about the distress her doxxing was causing to the Tiernan family.

The main doxxing crew were becoming a little frustrated at the lack of reaction from 'normal' people (who out of concern for the Tiernan family, were doing their best not to inflame the situation). This led to the main doxxing crew deliberately making inflammatory and offensive posts about the McCaffery and Hughes families. Stanley mentions the McCafferys here and again threatens more doxxing material is on its way. Of course, all this could be stopped if only Hank would take down his blog. That damn Hank.

look at me! look at me! I iz extortionist, too! look at me! look at me!

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Tasha David - AVN President

Tasha David has been President of the AVN since July 2014.

In 2016, AVN became the official licensee for the movie Vaxxed in Australia, and has been the organiser of all screenings. On 6 December 2016, the AVN held the Australian premiere of Vaxxed in Logan QLD. At the end of the screening there was a live cross to Andrew Wakefield, Del Bigtree and Brian Hooker. On stage at the venue, there was a panel of invited guests, one of which was Brett Smith.

6 December 2016

If you needed reminding, it has been only a matter of weeks since Brett Smith published two articles doxxing Peter Tiernan, resulting in widespread media attention and condemnation by even some anti-vaccination proponents.

Tasha David, in her capacity as AVN President, introduced him as follows:

Tasha David [quote]:

''Brett Smith, my favourite troll slayer.
Brett Smith is a naturopath and he's also very, very knowledgeable on the subject. He's gone to Canberra with us to fight for our rights.''

In the video, don't miss Tasha's hearty laughter after the 'favourte troll slayer' comment, and the Vaxxed audience joining in. Yep, harassment and intimidation is totally hilarious.

Go, AVN! Keep those harassment fires burning.

7 December 2017

Tasha David, AVN President, gleefully joining in on the campaign of harassment and intimidation against Peter Tiernan. Ably assisted by Maroochydore RSL.

Proud AVN Vaxxed reps: Allona Lahn, Andrew Somes, Olivier Vles, AVN President Tasha David

9 January 2017

Tasha David, AVN President, sharing a video by Olivier Vles which alleges Peter Tiernan is Reasonable Hank.

The Facebook page Tasha David shared this video to has over 4,000 participants.

Is it any wonder Brett Smith is now AVN's Public Officer

10 January 2017

AVN held the Melbourne screening of Vaxxed at Vitality Chiropractic, owned by chiropractors Simon Floreani and Jennifer Barham-Floreani. Brett Smith appeared as a guest panellist for the Q&A session after the movie.

Tasha David, in her capacity as AVN President, introduced Brett Smith as ''a naturopath and troll slayer'' to her Melbourne audience.

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Meryl Dorey - AVN Treasurer, Spokesperson, past President & Founder

Meryl Dorey founded the AVN in 1994 and was its President from inception until January 2013. Despite Dorey's claim that she no longer holds any official position within the organisation, she is responsible for AVN finances and fundraising, the postal address for AVN is her personal post office box, she still speaks out on behalf of the AVN, and was a representative of AVN in negotiations for the Australian licence for the movie Vaxxed.

22 October 2016

Dorey retweets AHPRA's link to its statement on nurses & midwives engaging in anti-vaccination activities.

In response to a reply which denigrated Reasonable Hank, Dorey tweeted:

Meryl Dorey being Meryl Dorey

Meryl Dorey [quote]:

''Payback truly is a bitch & it's great to see some going his way!''

Dorey is referring to Reasonable Hank. I note she made this tweet just over a week before the doxxing went public. Her comment in regard to payback going his way begs the question: did Dorey know what was coming?

6 November 2016

Meryl Dorey posts a link to the Daily Telegraph article about the doxxing to multiple AVN's Facebook groups, of which she is an administrator.

Meryl Dorey jumping on the doxxing bandwagon
In contrast to what a normal person would do (inform people to stop harassing and tormenting the Tiernan family), Dorey's comment, ''Wrong man? What do U think?', invites speculation and incitement.

As Dorey intended, the post threads were full of defamatory comments about Tiernan.

Dorey's cherry on top moment came when one of the doxxers, Breana Stanley, posted a link to the doxxing article and proudly announced (threatened) a second doxxing article would shortly be published.

10 January 2017

Meryl Dorey retweets a video by Olivier Vles which alleges that Peter Tiernan is Reasonable Hank.

31 January 2017

Three months after the doxxing started, Meryl Dorey continues her personal campaign of harassment and intimidation against Tiernan, celebrating the next sordid instalment by Brett Smith.

Meryl Dorey, overcome with excitement,
makes Brett Smith AVN's Public Officer
Meryl Dorey [in reply to Brett Smith]:
''I can hardly wait, [Brett Smith]! Exposing the septic slime is so important. And Hank is 1 of the worst #DrainTheSepticSwamp #HealthFreedom''
Meryl Dorey, who basically made a living out of claiming persecution and demanding that it stop, celebrating the persecution of someone else.

The hypocrisy on display here is truly staggering.

5 February 2017

Meryl Dorey continuing her personal campaign of harassment and intimidation against the Tiernan family, promoting Brett Smith's doxxing material and labelling Tiernan a ''special kind of evil''.

Special mention to Brett Smith, going all out redoxxing Tiernan with bonus derogatory turd description on the day his new appointment as AVN Public Officer came into effect.

With Meryl Dorey's track record of harassing people, there is no doubt that Brett Smith is a worthy successor as AVN Public Officer.

Not just any turd; EVIL turd…
Meryl Dorey [in reply to Brett Smith]:

''It takes a special kind of evil to target an innocent family because they have suffered a vaccine reaction. Peter IS that kind of special.''

No, Tiernan is the victim of the world's biggest cowards. Fixed it for you.
Meryl Dorey retweeting Brett Smith,
''Tiernan is the world's biggest coward''.

Meryl Dorey replies to a tweet which said that Hank is a disturbed individual, and that his regret will come Sharply. Whatever the hell that means.

Revenge of biblical proportions
Meryl Dorey [quote]:

''From your mouth to God's ears. What goes around comes around.''


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Trent Wiseman - AVN Committee Member

Trent Wiseman (Eltham, VIC) is a committee member of AVN. He is another blow-in from the conspiracy fringes of the Occupy movement.

9 November

The vaccine paradigm and new world order according to AVN committee member, Trent Wiseman.

In case you are distracted by the insightful political commentary in this Facebook post, Peter Tiernan is Hank and is having an aneuryism.

Do as I say, not as I do, says doxxing enthusiast Trent Wiseman


I hear there's another blog coming out proving that the man exposed as the lowly pro vax blogger was correct in its assertion. Don't believe the media dismissal of the story, you all know how little credibility the media has, especially that pro vax shill Janey hanso…

The blogger deserves no publicity here. We're all better than to stoop to his despicable level of abuse and intimidation, please keep it that way regardless of what he deserves. Please don't do anything to validate the way he and his associates seek to incorrectly demonise us.

Just know however that he now has a public face, and the coward that he is he'll hopefully now crawl back under a rock.

I dare say the old spank will be having an aneurysm along with his extremist pro pharma bully rat pack knowing that their needle pushing pro gmo, pro war candidate hillary has been ousted by Amercia. The world is waking up. England says no to the establishment. America says no to the establishment.


Times are a changing good people, the corrupt vaccine paradigm is taking its last miserable gasps before falling over. Hold strong. The good guys always win in the end.''

10 January 2017

AVN Vaxxed screening in Melbourne.

AVN represent!
Photo of the doxxing crew giving it to Hank, taken at Vitality Chiropractic, owned by Simon Floreani and Jennifer Barham-Floreani.

From L-R: Brett Smith, Olivier Vles, Trent Wiseman, Luke O'Hehir.

Trent Wiseman posts a link to the second article doxxing Peter Tiernan.

tl;dr: Play by our rules, nobody gets hurt.
Trent Wiseman [quote]:

''Very interesting read indeed. Do I detect a dislike of one's own medicine in this saga? May this issue take on a more rational, reasonable tone now the mask has been removed. How's about we all focus on the task at hand, the quest for child health, rather than continuing attempts at censoring the required discussion.''

Trent Wiseman also made a duplicate post to the Vaccine Choice Australia Facebook page.

3 February 2017

Trent Wiseman posting a link on Facebook to Brett Smith's doxxing material.

But misinfo, fear, slander & intimidation by us antivaxxers is TOTALLY COOL!

Trent Wiseman [quote]:

''Know thy enemy. Please read and meet both the faces behind, and dirty tactics used by the pro vaccine extremist lobby. The highest level of experts in misinformation, fear, slander and intimidation. Don't trust the lowly, corrupt individuals mentioned within, do some of uour own independant digging on pharmaceutical safety and efficacy. The health of your loved ones depend on it.''

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Olivier Vles

Olivier Vles (Rye, VIC) runs the absurd conspiracy website, Truth Library. Like most of the worst tantruming toddlers in our anti-vaccination movement, he's yet another blow-in from the conspiracy fringes. His website & social media feeds are full of stories about chemtrails, illuminati, 9/11 troof, UFOs, mass shootings troof (incl. Port Arthur), David Icke, false flag ops, etc.

Olivier Vles had his hate campaign against Reasonable Hank and Australian skeptics going well before this doxxing incident. With his wife, Giselle Kara Vles, they created the ridiculous hate page on Facebook, The Unreasonable Wank.

In his blog post The Unreasonable Wankers behind Reasonable Hank (dated 1 May 2016), Vles names some prominent skeptics, including Peter Bowditch, Peter Tierney, and Ken McLeod. He concludes the post by stating that the skeptics involved with Hank are pedophiles and child molesters.
Excerpt follows:

''And if we are going to call people out by association then we must not forget that all skeptics are most likely pedophiles and child molesters. As they for years followed their American leader James Randi. The Australian skeptics have even flown this kiddy fiddler out to speak at their congress. That's what is behind the Reasonable Hank page. An unreasonable, family attacking, trolling pedophile group of wankers.''

Olivier Vles, like many alternative news & conspiracy types, frequently smear their critics and/or targets with the pedophile label.

1 May 2016

The last bastion of the truly stupid - apply the pedophile label liberally
Facebook post on Olivier Vles and Giselle Kara Vles Facebook page, The Unreasonable Wank, linking to article The Unreasonable Pedophile Wankers behind Reasonable Hank by Olivier Vles.

Olivier Vles was instrumental in the campaign of harassment and intimidation against the Tiernan family, immediately replicating all three of Smith's doxxing posts on his Truth Library website as soon as they were published. In addition, Vles shared links to the doxxing articles widely on social media, via his pseudonyms Truth Library and Bernie Smith.

3 November 2016

Again, No.
Olivier Vles tweets a link to part 1 of the material doxxing Peter Tiernan, hosted on his own website.

10 November 2016

How many times do we have to say it, No.
Olivier Vles tweets a link to part 2 of the material doxxing Peter Tiernan, hosted on his own website.

6 December 2016

AVN's Australian premiere of the movie Vaxxed (Logan, QLD).

*sniffle* My nose is itchy, when can I move my finger *sniffle*
The tweet, sent by Vles and retweeted by Smith, reads
''Hi Hankie Pank and friends from #stopavn. Just a message from the Smith Brothers at the #Vaxxed premier. @pHarmaNemesis.''

10 December 2016

The Melbourne screening of Vaxxed was held in a room at Vitality Chiropractic, owned by chiropractors Simon Floreani and Jennifer Barham-Floreani.

The Dox Crew (L-R): Brett Smith, Olivier Vles, Trent Wiseman, Luke O'Hehir.
The tweet sent by Vles reads,
''Another day. More #VaxXed screenings! Greetings from the crew Hank and #stopavn @pHarmaNemesis''.
This was yet another opportunity for the dox crew and AVN to show off their professionalism. Image at left shows Brett Smith, Olivier Vles (Truth Library), Trent Wiseman (AVN committee member) and Luke O'Hehir.

8 January 2017

Olivier Vles commences his ridiculous 'Eye Opener' series of conspiracy videos.

Look into my eyes, the eyes, the eyes, not around the eyes, the eyes…
In this first instalment, it is alleged that Peter Tiernan is Reasonable Hank.

3 February 2017

Nope, still wrong
Olivier Vles tweets a link to part 3 of the material doxxing Peter Tiernan, hosted on his own website.

17 March 2017

Olivier Vles retweeting Brett Smith's harassment and intimidation against Peter Tiernan.

Smith (AVN Public Officer) showing grasshopper public health lobbying 101.

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Adam Crabb

Adam Crabb runs a conspiracy website called The Crazz Files and its associated social media accounts. I feel it necessary to warn prospective readers of his material that his internet feeds are overflowing with the most utterly offensive material, including anti-semitism, holocaust denial, racism, islamophobia, homophobia… the list goes on. And of course, every conspiracy I've ever heard of or seen.

3 November 2016

Adam Crabb jumping into the campaign of intimidation and harassment against Peter Tiernan with both feet, encouraging others to share, share, share the doxxing material.

Adam Crabb [quote]:

''Finally the cockroach gets exposed & what a sleazy roach he is. Share share share.''

6 November 2016

Adam Crabb doesn't want to be left out of this extortion thingy. Is the troof still the troof under these circumstances? Troof.

You morons really didn't think this through, did you.
Adam Crabb [quote]:
''Reasonable Hank or Peter Tierney now needs to reveal himself to prove he his not Tiernan. He will use the excuse that he can't because evil anti-vaxxers are after him, please.''

7 November 2016

May the troof set you free.
''Why is he making a complaint if the wrong guy was exposed? What a laughable & pathetic attempt to try spook people. If you are going to complain to the police then at least do it properly as this just makes you more guilty.''

''It's interesting to note how similar trolls & the main stream media are, one & the same. Why doesn't Hank just reveal himself to prove us all wrong, it's. dry simple.''

10 November 2016

Adam Crabb replicated part 2 of Brett Smith's doxxing material on Peter Tiernan, hosted on his own website, The Crazz Files.

Troof warrior
Adam Crabb sharing a link on Facebook to the doxxing material (part 2) hosted on The Crazz Files.

The Facebook page he shared it to has nearly 10,000 members, most of whom reside in Australia.

He also shared it to other Facebook pages.

Still troofin'
Adam Crabb sharing a link on AVA's Facebook page to Smith's second doxxing article on Peter Tiernan.

3 February 2017

Adam Crabb sharing part 3 of the doxxing series on Peter Tiernan, hosted on his own website, The Crazz Files.

This is nearly a nice change from the usual racist, *phobic Crazz Files material

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Judy Wilyman

Judy Wilyman hardly needs an introduction. After years of foot-stomping that people stop describing her as anti-vaccination, the moment she obtained her PhD she threw off her (by now) threadbare cloak of respectability to reveal the anti-vaccination monster within. And oh boy, has she been making the most of that freedom.

Wilyman isn't new to dirty tactics, as evidenced by her astonishing display of cruelty and unprofessionalism toward the McCafferys in 2012, ably assisted by Meryl Dorey and the AVN.

Judy Wilyman still can't help herself. Here, she posts a link to Brett Smith's first doxxing article on Peter Tiernan.

Judy, real academics tend to rely on peer-reviewed sources
And kudos to frozen-foetuses-in-crates Wendy Lydall for liking Wilyman's post. Lydall was another of the guest panellists with Brett Smith at AVN's Melbourne screening of Vaxxed, and appeared alongside Wilyman as a speaker at a recent anti-vaccination seminar held by Wilyman.

In case you were thinking it a little odd that an academic with a PhD would do such a thing, we need only take a peek into the past to see Wilyman and Smith are no strangers.

Thug life
Judy Wilyman and Brett Smith posing for a photo at an anti-vaccination seminar held at UTS.
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Ian Hastings

Ian Hastings runs a number of Facebook pages, including No Vaccines Australia which has over 4,000 likes.

Hastings posted links to all three doxxing articles about Peter Tiernan to this Facebook page.

3 November 2017

Every clown wants to ride in the doxxing car
Ian Hastings posting a link to the doxxing material on his No Vaccines Australia Facebook page.

He made a similar post to his No Fluoride Australia Facebook page.

Ian Hastings, on an AVA Facebook thread, targets Peter Tiernan's sister, posting a link to her professional page on her employer's website, stating
''His sister has an interesting role…'' [link redacted]
Update 9 April: I have been advised that the woman Ian Hastings targeted is not Peter Tiernan's sister, in yet another case of mistaken identity and doxxing a complete stranger.

10 November 2017

B for effort

4 February 2017

still wrong

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