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AVSN: Living Wisdom Scam

Please Note:

This post has been temporarily removed due to recent information that allows a more accurate calculation in the amount of money AVSN has taken from consumers in failing to supply sold goods (Living Wisdom magazine) for the years 2010-2012 inclusive. The figures I calculated in the previous post should be ignored.

It is my understanding that this new information will be the subject of a complaint about the Australian Vaccination-Skeptics Network Inc. to NSW Fair Trading. I will not be republishing an amended post until the outcome of this complaint is known.

For some background on the scam, AVSN sold a 6-issues per year magazine subscription from Jan 2010 until Jan 2013. For this period AVSN only published five magazines, failing to supply 13 issues they had sold to consumers, pocketing over $100,000 in failed magazine subscriptions.

NSW Fair Trading did not take action as they found AVSN did not come under Australian Consumer Law. I believe the new information that has come to light challenges this notion.