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Vaxxed Movie Oz Tour - Brisbane QLD

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I'm saving you a world of hurt for the rest of your life:


Dr Brian Hooker, AVN Vaxxed Q&A, 24 July 2017

The second AVN Vaxxed event took place on 24 July 2017 at The Greek Club, South Brisbane.

The Q&A panel consisted of Suzanne Humphries, Brian Hooker, Polly Tommey, Meryl Dorey and Tasha David. This session was live-streamed to the following USA Vaxxed official social media accounts:

This Q&A showed us what to expect at every subsequent event. The panel would strongly push the vaccine-autism link; sow mistrust and fear in the audience toward medical professionals, the government and health policies; instruct people to contact their politicians; and encourage people to become reliant on networks within the the anti-vaccination community, even advising people to break ties with friends and family who are pro-vaccination, or to find another job if vaccination was necessary for employment.

Questions from the audience were typically about how to cure/heal vaccine injuries (the panel would refuse to answer these); how to combat the No Jab legislation; how to argue against pro-vaccinaters; health practitioners asking how they should deal with the vaccination issue; and always at least one helpful audience member alerting everyone to section 51 of the Australian constitution.

The first question for the panel came from chinese medicine practitioner, Heather Bruce, who gave a brief account of her adult daughter's profound disability from an (alleged) vaccine injury. Bruce, as is her habit of late, failed to mention her daughter was born profoundly disabled from toxoplasmosis in utero. Heather Bruce is an extremely active and vocal anti-vaccination campaigner.

Later, Brian Hooker announced his involvement with another documentary about the aluminium content in the Gardasil vaccine. Produced by The Alliance For Natural Health it is due to be released in September. Hooker described it as the definitive work on aluminium concentration in vaccines.

Tommey and Tasha David spoke about the importance of teaching your children about the dangers of vaccines, and Hooker banged on about vaccines causing a variety of neurological and auto-immune issues, including blaming the flu vaccine for Alzheimer's in the senior population, and described vaccination as a Grand Medical Experiment where nobody has studied the outcomes.

Meryl Dorey explained how she didn't register her youngest child's birth until she was five years old to avoid the child being added to the immunisation register; she only registered the child to obtain a passport for her. Dorey added she would have been happy if this child never even had a medicare card because they never see a doctor.

Following are some video highlights from the Q&A:

Brian Hooker:

"Actually, I don't hate to say this because I know I'm preserving you and saving you a world of hurt for the rest of your life."

"No vaccines for children."

"No vaccines specifically for your children."

Polly Tommey:

"There is no such thing as a safe vaccine."

"There is no safe age, you cannot delay or catch up…"

"We have heard of every story at any age with any vaccine from death through to eczema…"

"And each injury has wrecked not just that child or that person's life but everybody who loves that child or person."

"A catastrophic effect of wickedness, of sadness and [inaudible] lies."

"There is no such thing as a safe vaccine."

Brian Hooker [re: what children should do]:

"Honestly, I would never keep quiet about it."

"I would have them out, loud and proud that my parents think enough of me that
they're not going to inject me
and pump me full of poison.

"And you never, ever, ever trust the government to tell you what to put in your body."

Polly Tommey [addressing a health professional]:

"My advice to you is to come out of your job and we'll employ you…"

"Go private and you don't have to answer to anyone…"

"No, no you don't, listen. Ok listen… just listen a second - that is what they want you to do."
[asks parents of vax injured kids to stand up]
"How many people would employ this lady, if you're good at your job, to come to the house and not be restricted by these places and do your job. There's millions of us worldwide - come out of that organisation; it is not the truth. Speak the truth. You have to do it, we all have to do it. Look at Dr Suzanne - she's done it. Dr Wakefield has done it. You can do it. Just don't live in that fear and don't be restricted by them otherwise this problem is going to go on and on. We need people like you to be more prominent. Your skills will not be walked away from. We [points to audience] will employ you."

[Questioner says so many don't support the cause]

"Ok look, you need to walk away from those people and you need to go; you can't argue with people who will argue for the rest of their lives. We are doing everything we can to raise the awareness of the dangers of vaccines. And if they won't listen they will have to learn - like I had to learn with my child who was injured, like Brian Hooker had to learn and all those people who just stood up - we can only do what we do. But be true to yourself. If you're a good therapist we need you; our adults out there, need you. So come to us, we're building centres for them for life and we need your qualifications and you will not have to answer to anyone if you come and work for us. Get out of that organisation, get out of that whole restriction because that's how, they want you all to live in fear."

Brian Hooker:
"The question was… is there any type of relationship between vaccine injury and, most specifically, neurological injury and the use of electronic devices and things like wifi."

"…a few very, very brave scientists are starting to look into, the way that EMF frequencies interact with brain waves and interact with the brain; the initial results are not good."

"We have to be very, very careful about shielding our kids from EMF."

"But it's another thing that we're being bombarded with in society that needs to be looked into."

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