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Vaxxed Movie Oz Tour - Miami QLD

A pro-choice message from AVN:

So I say be more afraid of the

conventional treatments from doctors…

than you should be of the actual diseases.

Dr Suzanne Humphries, AVN Vaxxed Q&A, 25 July 2017

The third AVN Vaxxed event was held on 25 July 2017 at the Miami State High School, Miami QLD. The panelists for the Q&A were Suzanne Humphries, Brian Hooker, Polly Tommey and Meryl Dorey.
Unlike the previous two screenings, there were no door sales advertised and no mention of the venue's name in social media posts by the organisers.

This session was live-streamed to the following USA Vaxxed official social media accounts:

After the panelists took to the stage, Brian Hooker started proceedings by launching into a three minute rant about his interview on Adelaide radio station, FIVEaa.

The typical formula followed: the panel pushing the vaccine-autism link, doctors bad/incompetent, the vaccinated pose a greater threat than the unvaccinated, toxins in vaccines, etc.
Questions from the audience included how to heal vaccine injuries, the MTHFR gene, health of the vaccinated versus unvaccinated, health practitioners struggling with the vaccination issue, etc.

This event had some real highlights, including a journalist being mobbed in the school courtyard (refer section The Mob Rules), plus significant fallout from the use of a public high school (refer section AVN Lied to Venue).

Q&A Highlights

Fear Doctors, Not Diseases

Dr Suzanne Humphries:

[We should only fear whooping cough because doctors mistreat it; plugs her Vitamin C protocol]

"So, I would be very afraid of whooping cough, even as a physician, if I didn't know how to use vitamin C. If all I knew how to do was take that baby away from its mother, put it in the hospital, lie it on its back, give it antibiotics which don't work and not give vitamin C, you should be afraid of whooping cough under those conditions."

"So I say be more afraid of the conventional treatments from doctors, who don't know how to treat diseases, than you should be of the actual diseases."

You Can't Unvax Your Child

Polly Tommey:

"That's why we're sitting here today because we want to warn the parents and the people of the dangers of vaccines."

"If you don't believe us, just take an insert out of any of the vaccines and you will find all of the conditions that we're reporting on around the world now are listed in there; it's not rocket science. Each parent must not make the same mistake that I made. "

[asks vaccine injured parents and/or people to stand up and thanks them for coming]

"Brian and I, and Meryl, do understand… it is suffering because it is forever; you can't unvax your child once you've done it."

Vaccines Caused Death

Dr Suzanne Humphries:

"So I entered into the vaccine questioning arena around 2009 when I saw my own elderly patients becoming sicker after they were vaccinated. And there was so much doubt around me after that happened. The questions that I was asked were what about polio, what about smallpox, because I was questioning not only the effectiveness of influenza vaccine but the safety of higher strength influenza vaccine given alongside the pneumococcal vaccine to extremely sick elderly patients on numerous events in the hospital where I was working."

"So I saw death happen after this; death that didn't have to happen in post-operative patients that should have been from a routine surgury. I saw … kidney disease becoming worse and I saw people with no prior known kidney disease developing kidney disease after vaccines. I saw people with malignant hypertension after just getting the TDaP vaccine put into the ICU with blood pressure that was very difficult to control."

Polly Tommey:

"It's every single vaccine that is a problem, at any age."

"There's no such thing as being safe if you delay your vaccines."

Stay Away From Doctors

Polly Tommey:

"From the stories that we hear - and we've now interviewed thousands of stories - the best way to not have a diagnosis of autism is to never go to a GP or paediatrician."

"Because it's story after story after story because over-abuse of vaccines, the over-use of antibiotics, our kids are just chucked full of junk, and that's why they have their diagnosis. And all the unvaccinated children that we interview are beautifully healthy, they don't have any of the conditions we have, so stay away, please."

"Stay away from the white coat brigade"

The Mob Rules

The Q&A came to an abrupt end when, after being tipped off by Anu, Polly Tommey rudely raced offstage while the MC was still addressing the audience, to chase after Gold Coast journalist, Jack Harbour.

Tommey bailed him up in the school courtyard, fired questions at him, while Anu was becoming increasingly aggressive in tone and confrontational. All the while, a large crowd had gathered around the journalist.

To Jack Harbour's credit, he kept his cool. Anu, on the other hand, channeled a 13 year old schoolyard bully and at the end of it, lost his shit.

AVN Lied to Venue

For those of us familiar with the constant lies from the AVN, it was confirmed the next day that Miami State High School had been misled when accepting the booking, having been advised it was for an organic vegetable seminar.
Anti-vaccination documentary screened at Gold Coast school
Jeremy Pierce, The Courier-Mail

ORGANISERS of an anti-vaccination documentary screening have allegedly tricked a Gold Coast state school into showing the film after telling officials they were running a seminar on organic vegetables.

The documentary aired at Miami State School last night, leaving a furious Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk seeking a full explanation.

The State Government has been vocal in actively encouraging parents to vaccinate their children.

Speaking at a Commonwealth Games function at Keebra Park High School today, Ms Palaszczuk said the doco should never have aired at the school.

"My initial advice is there has been some misrepresentation from that organisation to the school in question where they conveyed to the principal that they were to be conveying information about organic produce," she said.

"I don't think they were very clear in their purpose and I don't think they should have been allowed to present in such a manner.

"I will be speaking with the Education Minister today.

"We have very clear guidelines in place and obviously this organisation made a misrepresentation to the school.

"I will be getting a full briefing on it."

Source: http://www.couriermail.com.au/news/queensland/antivaccination-documentary-screened-at-gold-coast-school/news-story/896ee008140b28a529a1eb00cf7ce140

Other media reports quickly followed, with the ABC News article Gold Coast school 'tricked' into allowing anti-vaccination film screening advising that ''the incident is being investigated and the Premier is waiting for a full briefing''.
Brisbane Times article Queensland Premier angry over anti-vax screening at Gold Coast school states ''Annastacia Palaszczuk is demanding answers as to how the documentary came to be shown at Miami State School on Tuesday night after organisers told school officials they were running a seminar on organic vegetables''.

An official Facebook page for the Vaxxed movie, We Are Vaxxed, published a Facebook live video of Brian Hooker being interviewed by 7 News Gold Coast . This sent AVN and Vaxxed supporters into a conspiracy-driven frenzy, claiming that the organic seminar explanation was fabricated by a corrupt media, and (hilarious) comments that the chainsaws and woodchippers that fired up during the interview were brought in deliberately by the CDC to quash the truth.

Shortly afterwards, Miami State High School issued the following statement on its Facebook page:

To the Miami State High School Community

Miami SHS regularly allows the hire of its facilities to support our local community, businesses and families. Unfortunately there has been attention today surrounding a private booking in our school's hall last night that showed a screening of a controversial documentary that was not disclosed to school administration at the time of the booking or any stage after.

The school hall was hired to an independent local business owner to promote their healthy lifestyle business of organic foods and coffee. It is incredibly disappointing that the agreed purpose of the use of hire did not reflect the forum that was presented last night.

I have since met with the business owner this morning to convey my concern and disappointment in the breach of the use of hire agreement and made it clear that Miami State High School does not endorse the anti-vaccination documentary or any organisation attached to this agenda.

Sue Dalton Principal

Source: https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=1445046822256202&id=852673401493550

Meanwhile, Meryl Dorey (current committee member and chief money-handler of the AVN), made a lame attempt at discrediting the media reports by publishing the hiring agreement that was submitted to the school. This only served to prove that the name of the hirer was Meryl Dorey, not the AVN, and the purpose of the hiring was a 'film screening' (title of film not included). The only mention of the AVN was in the insurance policy, as the following excerpts show:

excerpt from insurance policy excerpt from insurance policy excerpt from insurance policy

But Meryl Dorey's efforts were all in vain, as 7 News Gold Coast later aired report of Krystal Etherington (reporter) attempting to interview Kym O'Connell, the person who tricked Miami State High School into accepting the booking.

AVN Lie Confirmed

Front page of the Gold Coast Bulletin, 27 July 2017
Front page of the Gold Coast Bulletin, 27 Jul 2017

The Gold Coast Bulletin published a front-page story about the Miami screening with the headline: ''Anti-vaxxers pose as organic food devotees FRUIT OF THE LOONS''.

In response, the We Are Vaxxed Facebook page published a Facebook live video of Polly Tommey interviewing Kym O'Connell (who made the booking), Meryl Dorey and Brian Hooker. This interview only served to prove once again that the school was misled.

It is clear that Kym O'Connell never mentioned the AVN to the school or informed the school that the film being screened was about vaccination. O'Connell admits that in her discussions about the booking with the school, she talked about other film nights she wanted to hold there about organic food and healthy living. It is no wonder the school was under the impression that the 25th July booking would be for a similar event, as O'Connell had intentionally withheld the true identity of the venue hirer and what film would be screened on the 25th.

Meryl Dorey again confirms that the only mention of the AVN that the school received was in the insurance policy document. Given that O'Connell had led the school to believe the booking was about organics, the paperwork that followed is irrelevant as it didn't contain anything that divulged the true nature of this event.

Stay Tuned

No doubt we'll be hearing a lot more about the AVN's duplicity in spreading it's dangerous anti-vaccination message at a public high school. Let this be a warning to the other prospective hosts that the AVN is actively misleading venue providers.

For further coverage of this incident, please head on over to Reasonable Hank's post Queensland public high school hired out by antivaxers to show antivax film .

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