Diluted Thinking
in Australian healthcare

Vaxxed QLD Tour 2017 - Toowoomba event


Date: 22 October 2017

Venue: All Seasons Function Centre
Note: the venue confirmed (23 Oct) that it was unaware of the nature of the event.

MC: Meryl Dorey

Special Guests:

Live-stream video:

Note: the audio quality of recordings in the hall are of such poor quality I recommend watching the We Are Vaxxed Facebook or Vaxxed Periscope videos instead.

A special shout-out to The Chronicle for publishing this warning about the dangerous vaccine misinformation that would be presented by the AVN and Vaxxed, on the day of the event.
Screening of anti-vaccination film 'could cost kids' lives , The Chronicle, 22 Oct 2017

Q&A Highlights

Amateur Productions Inc. stayed true to their course; jumpy video (in portrait mode, again) and the Q&A nearly unintelligible due to the echoes in the hall, no doubt made worse because hardly anyone showed up for the event.

With the world's No.1 fear merchant, Polly Tommey, as a special guest, this session didn't disappoint. Tommey was in typical form, making outlandish scare-mongering claims about vaccination. Enjoy.

Polly Tommey:

Guys, please stay away from Gardasil. Nobody in their right mind, honestly, in your right mind, would give Gardasil to your child. Please know it is one of the biggest marketing lies of all vaccinations, ever…

This vaccine is nothing but the most lethal, dangerous vaccine on the market.

It is killing and maiming and shutting the lives down of beautiful young girls and men around this country and worldwide.

So anybody, anybody - and I say this and I mean it - that gives the Gardasil to their child is
seriously not right in the head.


Polly Tommey:

Also, one other major thing that's happening over here and is about to happen actually next year with our team going out there, is that we have become the media.
We go out live with the parents, educating the other parents, and you're seeing a whole movement of parents taking over control, stopping pregnant women in pharmacies and saying, "Do you know the dangers of vaccines?"

And so many people coming back to us and saying that the people here - and indeed around the world - educating the people.
And that's the grassroots of how we start this and you guys are about to rock it.
I did the best interviews ever in my life in Australia. More unvaccinated families in the two weeks that I was there than I've ever done in my entire life.
You guys have got the best people over there.
You just need to unite. Unite together and smash it out.

And that's why I'm banned from Australia, by the way.

Jonathan Tommey:

I mean, I think the darkness is there. If you look at the "so-called" conspiracy theorists out there, they are all looking at depopulation, you've got the New World Order, you've got the Illuminati issues. You've also got this massive rise in childhood pandemics, especially over the last 30 years. This is well recognised.

They know that the statistics of autism, ADD, learning disorders, incompetence, sterility; all of these things are going up. No one is doing a damn thing about it. So whoever is controlling this decision making and they are seeing that there are these pandemics, why isn't anybody acknowledging it.

That is how dark this is.

If somebody is intentionally going out to maim, kill, make sterile, individuals on this planet, they are damn well doing a good thing about it. But no one else is coming up in opposition and asking the question. We have these pandemics; who is looking at this and why isn't anybody doing something about it.

That is the dark side.

Both Polly and Jon repeatedly claimed that the science of vaccination is corrupt.
Polly took every opportunity to promote the cause and fire up her supporters.
Questions from the audience were mostly about comparison of vaccines and the schedule between America and Australia. Other questions included detoxing autism, the MTHFR gene (long-winded answer by Jon Tommey), and Gardasil 9.

Polly also informed us that we'll be updated about the goings-on in Italy by Andrew Wakefield when he makes his AVN Vaxxed Q&A appearance.

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