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HAP Lunatic Fringe Movement


In October 2015 Isaac Golden founded the Health Australia Party (HAP) by taking over and renaming an existing political party, the Natural Medicine Party (NMP). The founder of NMP, Andrew Patterson, became HAP's NSW State President, the Registered Officer (AEC), and ran as a NSW senate candidate in the 2016 federal election.

Patterson was a bad look for a party desperate to gain legitimacy for natural health and to rid itself of the anti-vaccination label. His social media feeds were full of crank conspiracies and rabidly anti-vaccination views whilst other HAP candidates looked squeaky clean and mostly sensible, in comparison. During the 2016 federal election campaign HAP received some negative media attention, including:

In the middle of an election campaign, HAP had no choice but to respond.

Excerpt from HAP Media Release 22-06-16 President replies to AMA [pdf], by Professor Kerry Bone, President Health Australia Party:

Bone went on the say that the AMA position smacks of an overreaction. ''They are trying to paint the Health Australia Party as an irrelevant lunatic fringe movement in order to stifle healthy debate.''

Excerpts from Why is there a need for the Health Australia Party (HAP)? by Professor Kerry Bone, 27 June 2016:

''…the HAP is being painted as a group of lunatic, anti-science extremists who have dangerous policies.''
''I have always supported vaccination where it can be safely and effectively used, and that is also the HAP's policy.''

HAP failed to win a senate seat and it ceremoniously dumped Patterson and his wife, HAP's National Secretary, Judy Cooke, from the party immediately after the election. Please refer to Reasonable Hank post Leaked email shows Health Australia Party suffering post-election implosion .

Lunatic Fringe Movement

Dear Professor Bone, your party is being painted as a group of lunatic, anti-science extremists, and an irrelevant lunatic fringe movement, because we can see the lunacy and anti-science extremism on display. The table below has focused on the more comical aspects, but the discerning voter remains aware that a party is made up of its people. God knows the Australian senate has enough idiots in it already; the last thing it needs is more clowns.

Andrew Patterson

Refer to page Health Australia Party: Senate Candidates (2016), section New South Wales - Andrew Patterson.

Jason Woodforth

HAP Facebook post announcing a former major party politician will be running for HAP

HAP Facebook post congratulating Woodforth for his part in having 30 councils remove fluoride from their water supplies.

Health Australia Party:
Current: Registered Officer (AEC) of Health Australia Party
Previous: National Spokesperson; QLD State President; 2016 senate candidate

Former MP for Nudgee (LNP) from March 2012 to January 2015.
QLD President and Australian Vice-President of the International Natural Bodybuilding Assoc. of Australia.

The Day I Asked A Question And Now The Worms Are In My Head
Jason Woodforth and Flat Earth Theory.

Woodforth [quote]:
''So this time lapse "they say" can happen on a ball spinning at 1600k/h and hurtling around the sun at 107,000k/h. Just think about how possible that is on a spinning, hurtling ball, it is impossible!''

''Mate, yes i am, the only way i can show you a curve is to use nasa footage or a gopro lens. This will take some serious stepping out of your comfort zone, for 45 years they had me at a globe. Then one day I asked a question, wow didn't that open up a can or[sic] worms and two days later i can tell you the earth is round but i would have to lie to you but you would eat up my lies as you are conditioned to them.''

''Just think about the horizon, there can be no horizon on a globe, look at a swiss ball at the gym, put a little leog[sic] man at the top, as the little man looks ahead what happens, the globe falls away. A horizon can only happen on a flat surface.''

linked material:

[title]: Star Trails Prove Earth is the Center of the Universe

Woodforth [quote]:
''So how is this possible when the sun is 93 million miles away… shouldn't the rays be perfectly straight, wouldn't this spread of rays happen at the source… hmmm i wonder where that true source is, how far away it actually is… ??''

''Na, as the rays come straight from the ball, if you saw rays coming from a straight light source then maybe. And then you would have to say that one layer of the atmosphere changes the medium to spread the rays.''

Woodforth [quote]:
''Pete, mate look at what people have written on here, look at the things people have posted for flat earth. Do you know how much curve there is per Km? And when you do, go down to the beach and try and find it, heck just get pics on line to see. When you go up in building, what do you see, more earth rising to your eye line, if you were on a ball the higher you go up the more curve "away" from you you would see. If you think it through you are right, there is no argument, the earth is flat! And don't forget water is always self levelling. It is called sea level, not curve level. Do what i did for one week, close the book on what you have been told, close and don't visit it for one week, and research only the other side, and if you only research it to prove everything wrong so be it, but you have to research it as if you were going to debate for it.''
Woodforth [quote]:
''I don't know why, but i know that i can't show you as single pic of a curve on earth, i can go up to the top of Q1 and there is no curve, no where to be seen. Water is self levelling so how does it curve. Mateyou have to open your mind here, and it does matter, if they lie to us on this what else are they lying about. Seriously have a look at that moon, it is not 360,000km away. It is right there! You're telling me that you can see those craters that far away when the whole moon as they tell us is the size of the USA, and we can see all that tiny detail, from that distance… yer right!''

''Charles Boyle no mate. not at all. Not validating the bible at all, I don't need to use the bible at all. Come on right now you are defying logic! The moon is lit up like a xams [sic] tree and going by what "you" believe in, the sun lights it up! So mate you need to tell me how that is so, how the heck is it happening and what about a day time moon, how is it that a daytime moon can be a half or a quarter and yet the sun is in full view and should light the whole bastard up, again be logical, it is not a trick question, how does that moon light up without the sun, just asking a question from what your side is telling me.''

''Christie, we don't need the bible for this, go to the beach, look left look right, it is flat, go to a dam, 10km stretch of water, flat, go up Q1 on the gold coast, the higher up you go, the moreland comes into view, how do we need the bible for that! Funny if i was little lego man on a swiss ball, the higher i go up i would see more curve, oh and there is no horizon on a ball, again no need here for the bible!''

Woodford [quote]:
''The tv series Under the Dome was a documentary they put this shit right in front of your face, and laugh in your face at you believing the shit they keep telling us about a lot of things! Oh and yes 9/11 totally was no set up, WTC7 collapsed because that is what a building does that does not get hit by a plane and has a few spot fires, but then amazingly implodes perfectly, google it and view it for yourself. As for the edge, do the research, that is what we all did that changed our view.''
Fly Me to the Moon, Let Me Play Among the Stars
Woodforth [quote]:
''Oh and the majority of Amercians don't think they ever went to the moon, but as long as NASA told you so, they are all wrong. And please why have they never gone back? We can get to Mars but not the moon, why have we not got a rover on the Moon, makes no sense! People be logical, it is ok to have been conned, it is embarrassing when you work it out, the second last line of my maiden speech i put that line in about new and better information, for exactly that reason, to let people know it was ok to change your mind. Be brave!''
The Cake is a Lie
Woodforth [quote]:
''So we know Fluoride is a toxic waste chemical, and we know the Government is lying about it, so the question is what else are they lying to us about?''

''Think about it, is Fluoride the only lie? And think about this, if they can con the masses on Fluoride, what makes you think they are not conning you on so many other things. No the government would never to do that! Well they are on Fluoride, Fluoride is a lie! What else are they lying about? The answer is… LOTS!''

''Wake up sheeple! Before it is too late, and in some cases for many it is already too late. Wake wake wake wake up!''

excerpt from Woodforth's post, sharing an Illuminati Exposed post.

Woodforth [quote]:
''This backs up my post from a few weeks ago, we need to 'unlearn' what we have been 'told'''.

excerpt from Woodforth's post, sharing a photo from Truth Teller.

Woodforth [quote]:
''Remember if you don't want to be woken up please feel free to hit the unfollow unfriend delete me out of your life button. I will not be offended, though as I care, for your benefit I will keep on fighting for you whilst you stay a sheeple.''

Woodforth [quote]:
''Are you ready? Well get ready!''

''No holding back and some people are going to have to hit the delete / unfriend button as they are so controlled by the govt and big pharma that they can't see the forest for the trees and even if they did they would say no no no it's not true.''

''Please please please feel free to unfriend me on this page if that is you.''

''It's game time!''

excerpt from Woodforth's post, linking to article by Truth Teller

Woodforth [quote]:
''We need to wake up and fight, but we don't, we are all too dumbed down, exactly what they want!''

shared material (excerpt):
[title] The EPA wants us to die, literally.

Woodforth [quote]:
''Peter what it does mean as each lie is exposed we can then hopefully deal with the next lie quicker, eg fluoirde [sic], climate change, the banking system, the list is endless, but to say it does not matter, means none of this matters, lets all go back to watching the sport and being a slave to our $300k home loan which was created out of thin air that we will pay back over 25 years twice to three times that amount. Every lie matters! Thank god for people like Erin Brokovich, Snowden, Assange.''

Catherine Chan

Health Australia Party:
Previous: NSW State Secretary (resigned after 2016 federal election)

Naturopath; background in nursing.
Previously operated a clinic and taught classes at Royal North Shore Hospital (reflexology, massage)

Dear TGA, I fart in your general direction!
Catherine Chan promoting the therapeutic use of Cansema/Black Salve.
Ed note: please refer TGA safety alert Black and red salves in treating cancer

Chan [quote]:
''used many times for paitents [sic] and saw most remarkable results''

linked material:
[title] Australian Government: Decriminalise the use of Cansema/Black Salve on human beings - Sign the Petition!

[content] 1834 signatures are still needed!

Chan [quote]:
''Very good to hear''

shared material:
[content] Five years ago, Candice Marie Fox was given 5 years to live due to her thyroid cancer which had spread to her organs. Devastated, she refused chemotherapy and instead started consuming 3 pineapples a day together with lemon, kiwi, grapefruit, bananas, apples and papaya. Today she is 31 and very healthy and alive; she managed to defeat fourth stage cancer in 6 months!

[source] The Truth About Cancer

shared material:
[image content] The pharmaceutical industry does not create cures.
They create customers.

[content] Think about it - what is Big Pharma's ultimate goal?

[source] The Truth About Cancer

shared material:
[title] The Truth About Cancer

[content] DID YOU KNOW: 11 people will die of cancer by the time you finish taking this short quiz. That's not even the scariest part… If you were born after 1960, the odds…

[source] The Truth About Cancer

Chan [quote]:
''This is so scary''

linked material:
[title] Australia To Forcibly Vaccinate Citizens Via…

[content] Australia have approved the license application from Big Pharma company PaxVax that will allow them to intentionally release a GMO vaccine consisting of live bacteria into Queensland, via chemtrails. The Office of the Gene Technology Regulator (OGTR) says that the vaccine qualifies as a limited…

[source] Your News Wire

shared material:
[title] WikiLeaks emails mention aspartame…

[image content] ASPARTAME was brought to you by the same folks that brought you:

  • Saccharin
  • Petroleum based fertilizer
  • rBGH
  • DDT
  • Dioxin
  • Agent Orange
  • PCBs
  • RoundUp
  • Polystyrene
  • GMOs
  • Terminator seeds
  • Atom Bomb & Nuclear weapons

[source] David Icke

Judy Jacka

Health Australia Party:
Current: member HAP Advisory Board (Naturopathy)

Made an Honorary Fellow of Western Sydney University, 9 April 2016.
Vice-Chairperson, The Jacka Foundation of Natural Therapies.
Awarded Life Membership of Australian National Therapists Association in 1996.
Principal of the Southern School of Natural Therapies 1974 to 1985, chairperson until 1996.
Author of numerous books about natural health.

Do Do That Voodoo That You Do So Well
Excerpts from article 'Intuition in Healing' by Judy Jacka.

Healing is a form of white magic. Our real inner self or soul is always in perfect health but our form, or personality, can become ill at the physical, emotional or plan of the soul, for our personaltiy should become a perfect expression of our soul.

From a limited perspective, we may think that intuition can be developed without the need for any great intelligence ormental development. However, the development of the discriminating and abstract mind should take place before we strive for the inuitive faculty. For once we have developed our intelligence, inutuitive flashes can be tested by the use of the discriminative faculty so as to distinguish these flashes from mere hunches or instinct. Without the use of the mind we have no way of checking our intuitions.

Source: Jacka, J n.d., Intuition in Healing, Intuition in Service, viewed 16 November 2016, <http://www.intuition-in-service.org/intuitionArticles.cfm?aid=3>
I felt a great disturbance in the Force, as if millions of rational voices suddenly cried out in terror
Listing on Amazon for The Vivaxis Connection: Healing Through Earth Energies by Judy Jacka

The Vivaxis Connection: Healing Through Earth Energies
Judy Jacka, N.D.
The Vivaxis is your life axis, your energy "umbilical cord" to the planet. It is the place where you plug into the Earth and its life-supporting energies. Discovered by Canadian researcher Fran Nixon in the 1960's, the Vivaxis connection is fundamental to human life and health. It sustains and renews us, and affects every aspect of our lives--it even affects how we digest food and resist illness. This unsuspected link between our body and a particular spot on the Earth can make all the difference between health and illness, says Dr. Judy Jacka, the world's leading authority on the new science of Vivaxis. But your Vivaxis connection can be harmed, polluted, or distorted. It can be damaged by chemicals, electromagnetic fields, even lightning. A disturbed Vivaxis connection can make you ill, but restored and vibrant, your Vivaxis connection can keep you healthy. In this ground-breaking book, Dr. Jacka presents more than two dozen easy-to-follow how-to exercises that take you step-by-step through the science of Vivaxis. You'll learn how to energize your Vivaxis, heal it, work with it, and use it to improve almost every aspect of your life. You can even use it to improve the energy health and feel of your home or workplace. The discovery of the Vivaxis connection is a crucial milstone [sic] in the field of alternative medicine, showing how energetic connections between the planet and our bodies determine health and how natural therapies actually work. The Vivaxis connection--it's your direct link to the healing energies of the Earth.

Source: Jacka, J n.d., The Vivaxis Connection: Healing Through Earth Energies, Amazon, viewed 16 November 2016, <book listing on Amazon.com.au>
Natural Therapy Pages - Judy Jacka:
[heading]: Esoteric Healing
Esoteric Healing is a system of subtle healing described in the books written by Alice Bailey during the first half of the 20th Century. The emphasis is on the healer aligning with their own soul or healing essence and connecting with the inner essence of the client. In this way the healer does not push or force their personal energy into the client. Rather, the client is helped by their own healing energies flowing through all of their bodily systems. The healer thus acts as a midwife in the process.

[heading]: Our Energy Field & Healing
The electromagnetic field of the patient is balanced through what could be called a healing touch. The healer does not need to physically touch the body as the work is done in the energy field. Triangles of energy are visualised by the healer between the major and minor energy centres or chakras and their related organs and tissues (see examples of digestive and reproductive traingles on the right). Lymphatic drainage and circulatory work may also be done if needed.

Source: Jacka, J n.d., Judy Jacka - Esoteric Healing, Natural Therapy Pages, Australia, viewed 16 November 2016, <Judy Jacka - Esoteric Healing>
Excerpts from article 'The Human Energy Field', by Judy Jacka, published in the ACNEM Journal, December 2011.

Despite the recognition by modern medicine that electro-physical exchanges underlie most cellular activity, scant attention has been directed tot he possible existence of a total or unified field or fields underlying the human organism. Such recognition might revolutionise modern medicine in the areas of causation, diagnosis and treatment of disease. This article briefly explores the work of five medical scientists. They were all bold enough to pursue investigations that indicated information for growth, disease and repair is transmitted by the total electro-magnetic field, and perhaps even by more subtle fields underlying the physical body.

Another difficulty is the possible confusion derived from the fact that the electromagnetic (EM) field of the body is measurable, whereas the interface or more subtle etheric field is not as yet measurable with physical instruments. William Tiller, formerly professor of material science at Stanford University, differentiated the electromagnetic field from the etheric by calling the latter the magneto-electric1. From the various observations explored here, a useful and synthetic view is possible and this view might provide useful information to the medical practitioner and other therapists.

One general area of agreement amongst the research described is the finding that changes in both the EM and etheric fields precede organic physical changes or pathology sometimes by years. This is probably the most important point of the whole discussion. For an earlier diagnosis in many severe illnesses would save time, lives and money. If there is indeed an energy field underlying the human body that can be measured and used in diagnosis and treatment, the resulting concept of holism and integration in medical practice would surely be seen as the sine qua non of understanding re health and disease.

The existence of a unified energy field may also explain the mechanism for symptoms such as headaches, palpitations, and insomnia experienced by increasing numbers of patients exposed to dangerous levels of microwaves from cell phones, cell phone towers, cordless phones, and 'wireless' computer use. Characteristics of all the researchers mentioned is their view of human health and disease as related to the natural world, and in a more negative sense, to man-made technology.

Source: Jacka, J 2011, 'The Human Energy Field', ACNEM Journal, vol. 30, no. 3, pp. 3-7. (Available ACNEM website [pdf], viewed 16 November 2016)

Kathryn Breakwell

Health Australia Party:
Previous: 2016 federal election HAP senate candidate

Dr Dolittle Does Acid
Testimonial by Breakwell for an Animal Shamanism Level 1 course.

Breakwell [quote]:
''I highly recommend expanding your mind and heart through the information, lessons, and knowledge that Billie Dean shares in relation to deepening your connection to animals at a spiritual level. As they say, once you become aware, you can't go backwards and become unaware. Life changes, soul grows, heart expands, and importantly, you will never see the world or animals with a limited view again.''

Source: Breakwell, K n.d., 'Animal Shamanism Level 1' [quote], Billie Dean, viewed 18 November 2016, <http://billiedean.com/wisdom-school/courses/animal-shamanism-level-i-online>
Breakwell's response re: Divine Love Healing Circle, a full-moon event to send Divine Love and Deep Forgiveness to your animals.

Breakwell [quote]:
Hi Billie
So wonderful that you are holding your circle on this extra special day!!! Would you please include my three beautiful cats,
Molly (tortoise-shell, medium haired)
Morrie (white, long haired)
Mabon (grey tabby, short haired)

And also my two hens and a rooster:
Gracie, Chloe and Albert.

I hope I'm not overdoing it in asking if you would also include my boss's little white dog, Kira.

So many beloveds, thank you for the service you do for our animals and thank you for holding space.

Source: Breakwell, K 2011, 'Divine Love Healing Circle' [comment], Billie Dean, 9 November, viewed 18 November 2016, <http://billiedean.com/divine-love-healing-circle-november-11-2011#comment-782>

Ewen Richards

Health Australia Party:
Current: administrator HAP official Facebook group

The Troof Will Set You Free if, and only if, You Survive Depopulation
Richards [quote]:
''From a credible source.
Yes, I know this stuff is difficult to believe!
It is very important to know your sources.
I have been following Kevin Mugur Galalae for some time and I have read some of his extensive research.
He is an excellent and thorough researcher who has also impressed me with the volume of material that he has singlehandedly produced.
He is the bravest man that I know.
Kevin is on the 56th day of a hunger strike.
See also:" [link redacted]

linked material:
[content] Kevin Galalae spells out in this enormously important video (link below) from the Global Freedom Movement the entire system of Global Depopulation which is being run as policy by the United Nations…

[source] url of article includes "exposing the planned destruction of humanity global depopulation as policy via vaccinations chemtrails fluoride chemical additives gmos"

Richards [quote]:
''The controlled demolition theory is the best one that fits the scientific evidence for what actually destroyed the buildings.
Many other engineers and scientissts have confirmed this.
So what about the planes?
The science also says that aircraft fuel does not reach sufficient temperature to melt steel."

''Skeptics, backed by media analysis are now asking
"Did ANY planes hit a building?"
Is it possible that the "9/11 TV imagery (of the crucial morning events) was just a computer-animated, pre-fabricated movie"?

''What really happened on the day that the whole world changed 15 years ago?''

''Is it possible that 9/11 was a hoax used to start two still ongoing wars in Iraq and Afghanistan as well as the fake and ineffective "War on Terror"?''

''To answer these and other questions honestly and objectively, it is necessary to put aside any theories, assumptions and preconceived ideas and carefully examine the evidence.
Media fakery appears to have obscured this evidence, so we must attempt to deconstruct the illusions first. After doing so, it is useful to ask such questions as "who benefits"? and "who profits"?''

''For the complete picture, see the excellent research at'' [link redacted]

Isaac Golden

Health Australia Party:
Founder of HAP; National Secretary; VIC State President; 2016 senate candidate

Refer to page Health Australia Party: Senate Candidates (2016), section Victoria - Isaac Golden.

Jesus only turned water into wine… Look What I Can Do With It!
description: excerpt from article 'Homoeoprophylaxis - a Proven Alternative to Vaccination' by Dr Isaac Golden

Golden [quote]:
[title] Homoeoprophylaxis - a Proven Alternative to Vaccination

''I prepared my first formal program of homoeopathic remedies to prevent infectious diseases in 1986. In the following 20+ years, tens of thousands of Australian children have been imuunised homoeopathically - a method called homoeoprophylaxis (HP) - using programs from myself as well as other practitioners across the country. The method itself is over 200 years old, and has considerable clinical and research experience to support its claims.''

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