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No Jab, No Pay Rallies (2015)

On 12 April 2015 the Australian government announced its No Jab - no play and no pay for child care policy. This policy "... will end the conscientious objector exemption on children's vaccination for access to taxpayer funded Child Care Benefits, the Child Care Rebate and the Family Tax Benefit Part A end of year supplement from 1 January 2016." Shortly after, the government confirmed that religious exemption would also be removed, meaning that only medical exemptions will qualify for these benefits.

Not surprisingly this policy has enraged most people who are currently registered as conscientious objectors. Other people have also raised concerns and criticised it on other grounds, such as ethics 'No Jab, no pay' policy has a serious ethical sting and it's questionable effect on public health 'No jab, no pay' vaccination policy: can do better, say experts .

Rallies have been organised in capital cities throughout Australia on 21 June 2015 to protest against this new policy. People who have expressed an interest in attending these rallies include conscientious objectors (anti-vaccination) and those who oppose the policy on ethical and political grounds but are not, stricly speaking, anti-vaccination.

For those who are not anti-vaccination but intend on joining these rallies, it is important to note that the rallies are organised by staunch anti-vaccination activists who intend on filming the rallies and using this footage for future anti-vaccination propaganda. The following quote was made by one of the Australian organisers, Damien Poulsen, in an interview with Sallie O. Elkordy on 24 May 2015:

"We won't stop here, we're going to film it on the day, we're going to film it and we're going to put lots of interviews up on YouTube, raw interviews on the day, we're going to make a sort of YouTube short film of the whole day as well, and put it on our YouTube channel."
In this interview Poulsen went on to explain that this policy is all part of a bigger, worldwide agenda run by pharmaceutical companies, Murdoch media, the Bilderberg Group, the Rockefellers, and that this agenda has no borders and is a worldwide exercise to diminish our population. And yes, fluoride and chemtrails also got a mention.

So, if you are not anti-vaccination but have objections to the 'no jab, no pay', policy, I'd suggest you steer clear of these rallies and employ other measures to voice your concerns, unless you don't mind risking your image being plastered all over the internet in support of the conspiracists against the lizard people depopulating the planet.

And for more info on these protests, be sure to head on over and read Reasonablehank's blog No Jab No Pay No Way protests - anti-vaccine to their very core

Update: 4 June 2015

A co-organiser of the rallies, Renata Bialkowska, is a professional film-maker and will be using the rallies as part of a larger project . This project might be what Poulsen described earlier as the 'short film'.

Update: 8 June 2015

Bialkowska sent this media release to "Conspiracy Oz", published 8 June 2015.

Update: 10 June 2015

Brisbane Rally

The Brisbane rally organisers have arranged Aussie Beach TV to interview protestors on the 21 June. I hope participants are aware this is what Aussie Beach TV expect of them on the 22nd No Panties Day .
Update: Aussie Beach TV will no longer be filming the Brisbane protest (according to a Facebook post made to the Brisbane event page on 21 Jun 2015)

The Facebook group "Conscientious Objectors Wont Be Bribed OR Coerced" have created a flyer and asked their supporters to distribute it. If you happen to see this flyer in a commercial premises it wouldn't hurt checking that the business is fully aware that these protests are on behalf of the anti-vaccination movement and suggesting that the flyers be removed. Note that the only named organisers of these rallies are a (yet to be registered) political party that is against vaccination, IMOP, and anti-vaccination organisation, VAIS.

flyer for Brisbane No Jab No Pay rally

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