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Taylor Winterstein was introduced to us on 9 Oct 2017 as part of the new Australian Vaxxed team, in conjuction with her twin sister Stevie Nupier, and Deveraux David, the daughter of AVN president, Tasha David.

Taylor Winterstein has run a wellness operation called "Tay's Way" since 2014. The business name "Tay's Way Movement" was first registered on 4 July 2017 . Tay's Way is promoted on the internet via the following:

Taylor Winterstein and her sister, Stevie Nupier, also run a wellness business called Stevie & Tay which was registered on 5 Aug 2017, but has been in operation longer than this.
Stevie & Tay is promoted via the following:

Stevie & Tay also hold workshops titled "Wellness Out West".

Winterstein and Vaccination

The first mention of vaccines on the Tay's Way Facebook page is 22 Feb 2016 .
How can parents be expected to make a fully informed decision about what's best for their child when we are only ever given half of the story by GPs, our government and the media regarding vaccinations.

I'm glad I was able to get my hands on this booklet and wish more parents were able to as well as we definitely don't see these being handed out in the doctors office.

This booklet is current, relevant to Australian's and extremely well referenced from sources such as The Lancet, British Medical Journal, Journal of the American Medical Association and the Medical Journal of Australia.

It is highly informative and great for parents who want to do their own research into vaccine issues. You can grab a copy at https://avn.org.au/…/vacc…/investigate-before-you-vaccinate/

(this post is not open to a vaccination debate so if this doesn't interest you or you don't agree with it, please keep scrolling…)

TW x

[redacted image of booklet]

Taylor's sister, Stevie Nupier, comments on this post:
Stevie Nupier:
Awesome! Who gave you this? Can you pls bring it around so I can read xx

Taylor Winterstein:
I picked it up when we visited the Homeopathy Children's Clinic. Such an awesome read! Great info and hard to ignore. X

Plenty of anti-vaccination posts were to follow on the Tay's Way blog.
For evidence of these, I refer you to Reasonable Hank's blog post Anti-vaccination activists linked to Manly-Warringah Rugby League Club , where even his evidence is restricted due to the sheer volume of antivax posts.

The first mention of the movie "Vaxxed" on the Tay's Way blog is 3 April 2016 and she never stopped promoting it. The following post is from 10 Oct 2016 when Taylor got to see Vaxxed for the first time.

I have been absolutely bursting to get my hands on this and last night I finally got to watch VAXXED.

From one parent to another, I strongly encourage you to see this.

Whether you choose to vaccinate or not, every parent needs to know about the information and facts stated in this film.

It is shocking, gut-wrenching, eye-opening, heart-breaking and sobering.

For the sake of our children and future generations to come, it is extremely important that us parents keep up to date with all relevant, factual and true information when it comes to vaccines. Don't just settle for the information given to you when you're sitting in the doctors office. Go home, do your own research, ask questions, don't be afraid to speak up and educate yourself on what we are injecting into our precious children.

I feel very strongly about this and it is why I post about it to create a space for open conversation on such a taboo topic.

I purchased 2 copies from Amazon.com. For anyone else in Australia patiently waiting to watch Vaxxed and want to support the movement, here is your chance!

My heart was hurting and my eyes were full of tears as I watched the parents of vaccine-damaged children bravely share their experiences.

Their stories MUST be heard…

On 20 Dec 2016, Taylor attends the AVN Vaxxed screening at Woronora, NSW.

Here at the Vaxxed Sydney screening tonight and feeling grateful to be able to support this movement in Australia. To be amongst so many like-minded people tonight was refreshing and empowering.

I've said this once and I'll say it again…

Right now in Australia 1 in 33 children between the ages of 5-9 are diagnosed with autism.

And it's not just autism affecting our precious children. So many children today suffer from gut issues, allergies, eczema, asthma, ear infections, auto immune diseases and disorders.

As a parent I think it's important to ask WHY is this so?

I also think it's very important today more than ever before to do our own research.

Consider the high level of toxins that children are exposed to through lifestyle and dietary choices. Openly talk to others (without judgement) about vaccines and the schedule in place today.

This is not about who is right or wrong, this is about spreading TRUTH and raising awareness.

The media and government are constantly pitting parent against parent. But we, the parents, need to come together, help each other and make a stand.

We can't keep turning a blind eye, we can't keep ignoring the whistleblowers. We can not keep dismissing the parents with vaccine-injured children.

In the We Are Vaxxed Facebook video, 9 Oct 2017, both Taylor and Stevie stated it was always their intention to make a documentary about vaccine injury stories in Australia and that's why they approached Polly Tommey at the Campbelltown screening to ask her for advice.

But there appears to be more to this story. In a Tay's Way Facebook post dated 14 July 2017 , promoting the Campbelltown Vaxxed screening, it seems fairly obvious that Taylor is aware that the USA Vaxxed team would be present, excerpts follow:

A super special VAXXED SCREENING is coming to Campbelltown my friends!

…this groundbreaking film will be screened for the first time out west followed by an extremely important live Q&A.

I guarantee you, this is a once in a lifetime event and you will want to be there.

I can't give away too many details but what I can say is this event is seriously priceless.

The AVN only announced the USA Vaxxed team would be at the screenings on their arrival to Australia on 23 July.

Let's jump now to the Campbelltown screening, 30 July 2017.
Straight after introducing the Q&A panel to the audience, AVN President Tasha David took a moment to praise and thank Taylor for what I can only assume was her part in organising the screening:

"And I want to give a shout-out as well to Taylor.
Taylor, I was so proud to meet Taylor.
I've been waiting for someone like Taylor to come along because I'm Samoan as well, and it's not getting out to our people.
We respect doctors so much and, you know, doctors do deserve respect but we deserve respect, too. And maybe [inaudible].
So Taylor, I'm so happy and proud to meet you.
Thank you for doing this tonight."

Taylor Winterstein & Stevie Nupier posing with the USA Vaxxed team

PXP and Vaccine Injury

The very first question to the panel at the Campbelltown screening was asked by Taylor Winterstein:
"So my question is: do you know if, or how, these vaccines are damaging our children's mitochondria in their bodies?"
Brian Hooker helpfully responded, confirming that they do.

And this leads to why Taylor asked that question.

Following on from a few teaser posts on the Tay's Way Facebook page, Taylor Winterstein formally announced on 20 Aug 2017 that she is a distributor for a product called "alfa PXP Royale".

This product is the brainchild of Russ Hall, a multi-level marketing expert who started his career with Amway.
In 2003 he formed the company Enzacta to distribute PXP via multi-level marketing. For further information, please refer to History of Enzacta .

PXP was first brought to New Zealand by Max Cottle in 2014, with plans to expand into Australia and then Asia.
Cottle's PXP business Facebook page, Enzacta New Zealand - Rejuvenate Cells with PXP , is chock-a-block full of anti-vaccination posts.

This isn't surprising when we listen to the following excerpt from his PXP introduction video where he blames vaccination for the (alleged) increasing rates of childhood cancers, diabetes, autism, ADHD, etc.

It is little wonder then that Winterstein, a rabid anti-vaxxer, saw opportunities galore in joining her passion of vaccine-injury stories with a product that could be exploited to claim it can 'fix' vaccine injuries.

Excerpt from Tay's Way blog, My Little Secret (20 Aug 2017):

Why I Love 'PXP'

One of the many reasons why I love this product is because everyone can benefit from it.

From 6 months of age to 99+, we all carry mitochondria in our cells and I believe we all have a mitochondrial deficiency to some extent because even things like WIFI and stress can weaken our mitochondria. In this day and age there is no escaping EMF's and there is a huge amount of stress put upon us daily.

Something else that weakens our mitochondria is vaccines. This is another reason why I am passionate about 'PXP', because I honestly believe it will do a lot go good amongst vaccinated and vaccine-injured children.

To help explain what I mean and exactly how vaccines effect the mitochondria in our bodies, I had the opportunity to ask the US Vaxxed Team who recently toured here in Australia.

My question to them was "Do you know if or how these vaccines damage the mitochondria in our children's bodies?'. The scientist on the team, Dr Brian Hooker, responded so intelligently as he is raising a son with a mitochondrial disorder and explains what happens to our cells when vaccines are injected into our bodies.

Here is the video recording, please watch from 12 minute mark…


Here is an example of Winterstein flogging PXP on her Tay's Way Facebook page, 29 Sep 2017:

By now most of you would have seen me post regularly about what I believe to be a total game-changing product that is PXP.

I am deeply grateful for the growth of this Tay's Way page and I always aim to be completely transparent with anyone who comes across my social media pages.

We all know what it is like to see people (with good intentions) on social media constantly promote and share many different health products. But I must admit, even for myself, after a while it does get a little mundane and I find I end up scrolling past a lot of products I see online.

I have constantly been approached to try all sorts of different "health" products. They seem to be the latest craze and the hype around them usually dies down not long after it has been launched. I have seen products and companies promise the world and guarantee all different things, which I am sure they really do for some people, but for me it always sounded too good to be true.

Naturally I am a very skeptical person. Those who know me well know that I will absolutely question everything. If something sparks my interest I will research and dig deep till I find what I am looking for.

Which brings me to this product called PXP.

PXP came into my life for a reason and I wholeheartedly believe that.

I am in a very fortunate position where my darling husband earns a very generous income. It puts our family in a comfortable space where I don't have to work (and yes every day I feel super grateful).

I don't have to sell PXP or become involved with this company.

If I am completely honest, I never saw myself being a part of any network marketing company and for a long time I believed it just 'wasn't my thing'.

Until the start of the year when this micronised purple rice came into my life thanks to a dear friend who mind you didn't ask me to do anything with it, she just introduced me to PXP and I of course wanted to try it. After all when the only micronised food on the market that directly feeds the mitochondria is placed in my path, I would have been silly not to at least give it a go.

So I did. I tried it. I fell in love with how it made me feel and I then got my family onto it as an experiment to see what it could do for them. To this day my family and my in laws all eat PXP religiously because of how amazing we are all feeling.

I sat on this product for over 6 months before I posted or said anything about it. I knew I had to be patient and wait for the right time to share this with my beautiful online tribe.

I did this because I needed time to find out for myself, if this product was legit, the company had it's heart in the right place and that they genuinely do the right thing by it's distributors. Which I have since found out that it does and I would not have aligned myself with this company otherwise.

I did not align myself with PXP to get rich quick, to scam anyone or to push people into buying. I don't need to do that and it also isn't in my nature.

I got into this because I felt compelled to.

Because week after week I was flooded with messages of thanks and gratitute, for introducing PXP to people, who were even claiming that it had "saved their life". Their words not mine.

The small group of people I had eating micronised purple rice were having such phenomenal results, I knew deep in my heart that I just had to get this out to more people, to see if it could help them too.

The only way to get PXP out to people in Australia is to become a wholesale distributor, so that is what I have done. The feedback I am receiving and the testimonials coming through from people from all walks of life is undeniable. The results seriously speak for themselves.

I have always believed that given half the chance, the body can heal itself by itself!

It is seriously mind-blowing what our intelligent bodies can do when our MITOCHONDRIA is being nourished on a cellular level.

PXP is like nothing else I have ever come across before, in all my years of being a part of this growing wellness community. It is not a meal replacement, it is not a quick fix, it is not filled with a crazy amount of ingredients.

It is purely micronised purple rice flour.

So I am on this journey now, I don't know what the future holds but my intuition is telling me that this is the right path for me, at this point in my life. I am in alignment with a product that seriously works and I wholeheartedly believe will help so many people in so many ways, beyond what I could have ever hoped or imagined.

To finish off, Winterstein was presented with a golden opportunity not to be missed in her vaccine injury/PXP business empire.
Winterstein's very first interview on behalf of the USA Vaxxed team (12 Oct 2017) was her interviewing Jonathan Tommey, husband of Polly Tommey.

It took Winterstein all of EIGHT SECONDS before she asked the question about how vaccines can damage children's mitochondria.

I can only imagine the multi-level marketing opportunities for Winterstein as she tours around Australia meeting the families of the [alleged] vaccine-injured.

You never have to look very hard to find $$$ being a driving force behind these 'altruistic' health warriors.

Some things will never change.

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