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"Help protect as many children, adults and pets as possible from this useless toxic assault by purchasing these brochures and distributing them widely..."
…says Bronwyn Hancock of Vaccination Information Service. She helpfully suggests you distribute them to health food stores, day care centres, libraries, alternative practitioners and anywhere else appropriate where they will not immediately be thrown away by people influenced by vested interests.

From the VIS website:

"This brochure is designed to be suitable for enlightening people who do not know before picking up the brochure that it is about vaccination (or do know, but aren't getting the message when it is provided more subtlely!).

By avoiding the use of the "V" word to start with, the idea is to avoid all the prejudices that come with it based on the myths that have been enground into us all these years, and allow common sense to dominate.

When one sees what vaccines consist of without this falsely associative "V" (or more misleading, the "I", i.e. "immunisation") word, their true nature and already estimable effect becomes obvious from the outset. Brews of poisons don't do magic or bring health benefits, they just harm our bodies, particularly when they are directly injected - that's why they are called "poisons"! And it is happening on MASS."

Bronwyn Hancock asks that people purchase the brochures directly from her and not to print the brochure out themselves, partly to ensure print quality and because "...your purchase of these brochures will financially support other Vaccination Information Service work."

Before you financially support the 'other work' please note that Vaccination Information Service is NOT an association or member group; it is a trading name for Taycare Pty. Limited, Hancock's private company.

The CONFUSION brochure

For corrections to the false and misleading information about vaccination in the VIS brochure, please visit:

The content of the "CONFUSION" brochure is reproduced below for information and research purposes.
The images have been reduced in size to make them unsuitable for printing and out-of-date contact information on the last page has been redacted.

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Vaccination Confusion!

40 years ago 12 doses were given.

You are now pressured to allow your child to be directly injected with over 60 doses of what are actually combinations of these poisons:

  • formaldehyde, mercury and aluminium compounds,
  • phenol (carbolic acid), borax (ant killer), methanol, dye,
  • acetone (solvent, polish remover), disinfectant, glycerine,
  • antifreeze, MSG and several other poisons.

plus, also toxic when injected,

  • animal organ tissue and blood
    (e.g. monkey, cow, chicken, pig, sheep, dog, etc),
  • contaminant animal viruses
    (e.g. SV40, which causes cancer in humans),
  • aborted human foetus cells, large foreign proteins,
  • mutated (more virulent) human viruses in high doses
    (Note: "Killed" viruses can reactivate after being injected),
  • bacterial endotoxins, antibiotics, bacteria,
  • genetically modified yeast, latex, and
  • animal, bacterial and viral DNA, which, when injected,
    can be incorporated into the recipient's DNA.

Injections bypass important defences in the skin and mucous membranes.

Is this what nature intended for your baby?


As a responsible parent(s) you are wise to question and gather more information about the effectiveness and safety of vaccination prior to making the right decision for your child.

Remember - no-one else loves your child as much as YOU do.

WHAT are your responsibilities as a parent?

You are responsible for raising your children in a safe, healthy, caring and supportive environment to enable them to reach their best potential as balanced, healthy, responsible adults ready to contribute to the world.

WHAT are the options available to you?

You have quite a few options available. Remember that it is your responsibility to make an informed choice on behalf of your child.

  1. Take the risk of fully vaccinating without more research and be prepared to live with the consequences.
  2. Partially vaccinate, however do not assume this will be safe. Mortality/Morbidity has occurred even from one dose, and you cannot predict which vaccine(s) will harm your child.
  3. Separate combined vaccines. This has not been shown to be safer, and if the total poison intake is higher, it may be worse.
  4. Delay vaccination until the immune system is more mature. Mortality/morbidity is still a risk, it has occurred even in adults.
  5. Research published information about adverse effects and vaccine ineffectiveness before you decide. Seek any chance to see how healthy unvaccinated children are.

Consider these questions when weighing up your options:

  • If you do vaccinate will your doctor give you a guarantee that you can avoid permanent damage, disability or death from the vaccine?
  • Do you have any scientific evidence that vaccinating will lessen the likelihood or severity of an infectious disease? Have you seen how severe these diseases can be in vaccinated children?
  • Can you be sure that children who are properly nourished and free of injections of these substances cannot cope with infectious diseases? Have you seen how well they do deal with them?
WHAT will be the effect if you vaccinate?

To become immune requires processes that do not occur on demand and happen in the outer levels of defence, bypassed by injections, so "immunisations" don't immunise. Rather, when foreign substances are injected, particularly these ones, the immune system is derailed.

As a result, only in the vaccinated, new, more serious forms of the diseases can occur, such as atypical measles, where the rash moves in the wrong direction, and pneumonia, encephalitis or meningitis can result (see a medical dictionary). Vaccination often even prevents immunity from developing, resulting in repeated illness. The presence of antibodies does NOT show immunity, only past exposure (e.g. HIV).

Vaccines also increase susceptibility to unrelated, normally harmless viruses and bacteria (e.g. meningococcus), and to other substances, i.e. allergies, manifesting as eczema, hay fever, etc, but most notably as asthma. This occurs in about 30% of vaccinated children (only in 0-1% of those unvaccinated), and kills about 1% of asthma sufferers.

Other effects, many of which are on the accompanying inserts, include:

  • encephalitis or meningitis. Irritability, high-pitched screaming, inconsolable crying, sleepiness and convulsions, are all signs. Brain damage can be very mild (slightly lower IQ) to severe,
  • recurring colds, tonsillitis, ear, respiratory or other infectons,
  • bowel problems, coeliac disease,
  • autism, (1% risk), ADD (10% risk), other learning, speech and behavioural problems,
  • paralysis, provocation poliomyelitis (polio today is usually called "viral meningitis", "cerebral palsy" or another name),
  • epilepsy and other neurological problems, mental illness, anorexia,
  • autoimmune diseases such as lupus, diabetes, arthritis, and MS,
  • organ damage or failure, blindness, deafness and other disabilities,
  • chronic fatigue syndrome, blood disorders, hormone imbalances,
  • leukaemia and other cancers (which can appear many years later),
  • cot death (0.3% risk), so-called "shaken baby" syndrome injuries,
  • destruction of transplacental immunity to pass to own offspring,
  • altered genes, infertility, weaknesses or defects in offspring and other signs of a disoriented or disabled immune system.

WHAT if you have already started vaccinating?

This does not lock you in - you can stop at any time. The more vaccines that are given, the greater is the risk of a lasting problem.

HOW many parents choose not to vaccinate?

Vaccination promoters themselves report a growing trend against vaccination by more educated parents with, they say, "too much IQ".

WHY are the public pressured to vaccinate?

Vaccines a $multi-billion industry. Powerful interests fund medical education and research and enjoy support from the government, media and other organisations.

The result is that neither doctors, nor politicians nor lay people are taught about the ineffectiveness and adverse effects of vaccines. Few doctors do in-depth study of medical research on this subject.

Doctors are also heavily pressured by the medical legal system and the overseeing authorities, which can push for deregistration of a doctor who advises against vaccination. In addition, there are high bonuses and other financial incentives to vaccinate. Many conforming doctors admit to not vaccinating their own children.

WHAT caused the decline in the diseases?

[3 graphs]

The repeated crediting of this to vaccines does not make it true. The government's own statistics show that even smallpox and polio vaccination only came after the dramatic decline in the diseases. It was attributable to better nutrition, cleaner water, sanitation, less overcrowding and other factors. Indeed this trend has reversed with increased vaccination, e.g. see the last graph above.

Note also the 3-4 year natural disease cycle. Often such cycles plus changes and biases in diagnostic guidelines and vaccination status classifications can lead to a false impression of vaccine effectiveness.

HOW long afterwards could a reaction occur?

The first sign of an adverse reaction effect can happen anywhere from immediately to weeks, months, even years later (for example some cancers, infertility and autoimmune diseases).

WHAT should you do if you vaccinate and your child has a reaction?

Unlike naturally occurring infectious diseases, there is a limit as to what can be done about effects of vaccines, as vaccination involves injecting poisons past important defences in the body. However, unless death has occurred (as it can without warning, i.e. cot death) steps can be taken to minimise the damage and help recovery.

Large doses of Vitamin C have saved lives. Homoepathy and other alternative treatments have also been effective. (Seek professional help with this.) Overall, the younger the person and the sooner steps are taken, the better the response, but individuals can vary greatly.

Most orthodox responses have been unhelpful. Paracetamol is often advised, but this is toxic to the liver and interferes with the body's effort to defend itself against these poisons. This increases the risk of complications. Antibiotics also weaken the immune system.

HOW do you protect your child from diseases?

The immune systems is fully able to do the job provided it receives:-

  • harmful substances, e.g. vaccines and other drugs
    (Ideally the parents have not received them either),
    and plenty of -
  • clean water and good nutrition, i.e. ideally breastmilk for babies, and sufficient fresh fruit and vegetables,
  • rest, exercise, sunshine and fresh air, and
  • a loving and secure family environment,
    which builds a positive mental outlook.
There is no substitute if these needs are not met. When they are met, then it is normal for children to have vibrant health and alertness.

In healthy children, infections are dealt with easily, so are rarely seen. Polio was not a problem UNTIL 1887, which was soon after the start of mass vaccination (initially for smallpox), which provokes it.

If handled CORRECTLY, i.e. with support, not paracetamol or other interference, childhood diseases are treatable, indeed BENEFICIAL.
They prime and mature the immune system, protecting against asthma, cancer and other serious diseases (Lancet 1985/1996/1999 and others).

HOW can your child go to school if unvaccinated?

Enrolment in school and childcare cannot legally be refused on the basis of vaccination status. Parents who submit a "conscientious objection" form also receive the full childcare & maternity allowances.

BY WHEN do you have to make up your mind?

The vaccination schedule varies greatly among countries (it is not based on immune system development but on times historically set for check ups), so do not feel that a child will suddenly become susceptible to diseases if he/she is "overdue". There is no deadline - take as long as it takes to research the issue and learn about all the documented adverse effects, including increased susceptibility to the diseases. To make a fully informed decision may take some time.

HOW do you tell your GP what you've decided?

If you choose to say 'no', be firm. Otherwise your GP is likely to pressure you to change. Remember: you're the boss, not your GP! If your GP is still difficult we can help you find a supportive doctor.

For the sake of your child,

WHERE can you get more information?

Many well-referenced books and videos are available. Also ask us about the Vitamin K given at birth - is this safe and necessary?

Contact: [redacted]

We work independently of the medical and pharmaceutical industries to meet their Australian legal requirement to inform you of all documented harmful effects of this procedure, as this decision is your responsibility. We also educate on the causes and appropriate management of illness.

All information we provide on this procedure and its associated diseases is derived from the study of over 100,000 pages of medical research. References are available. (Few can be accommodated here).

Most of this information also applies to adult and animal vaccines.

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